Designing a Bedroom That Your Child Won’t Outgrow


If you think you’re all familiar with designing a room, you may want to re-think before designing a kid’s bedroom. It may be fun to incorporate all their current favorite things in life – favorite color, cartoon character, hobbies, etc. However, getting too impulsive without a careful plan may lead to unnecessary regrets later on.

Before planning out the over-all design of your child’s room, the first thing to consider is their nature to change their minds now and then. There may also be tons of inspiring baby room photos from Pinterest you want to copy, but most of these inspirations are not exactly practical if you don’t have the luxury to re-design the room every 2 to 5 years.

The key to success is to come up with a room design that will grow with your child. It may seem impossible at first, but this is surprisingly do-able. Here are some tips in designing a bedroom that your child won’t outgrow:


  • Put Timeless Furniture


When choosing furniture to place in your child’s bedroom, only pick the ones that can stand the test of time. Never go for cheap furniture that may easily wear-out. Smaller kids love to slam and jump to almost everything, so you would be lucky if those “temporary” drawers or bed frames you bought “because they’re incredibly affordable” would last for a year. You could never go wrong with high-quality solid wood furniture as your number one choice for your child’s bedroom.

When transitioning from a baby crib to a bed, it would be wise to choose at least a semi-double rather than a single-sized bed if the area permits. You can also choose a bunk bed if your child is old enough. This would allow a much-needed extra space for guests or future sleepovers with friends. A bed frame with drawers is also a smart choice for extra storage.

This also applies to chests, dressers, or wardrobes. Most of the new parents today think that a small one would be enough since a small baby doesn’t have a lot of stuff. It would be best to choose something that their clothes can grow into. In other words, choose a piece that can accommodate an adult’s full set of clothes.

Lastly, if you’re planning to put a changing table to a baby’s room, make sure that it can be re-purposed to a study table after 3 to 5 years.


  • Use Neutral Colors


Having a daughter is not an excuse to paint the walls pink, the same thing as having a son and painting everything with blue. In addition to that, children always change their favorite color, today it could be purple, next week it could be red.

When choosing a color for your child’s bedroom, go for neutral colors like gray, greige, cream, or white. Stir away from solid and bright colors. If you’re planning to install a wallpaper instead, never use those with wild patterns.

For the flooring, you can choose something with universal design or you can choose a carpet with an uncomplicated pattern (a plain one that would complement the entire room would be ideal).

Always make the background as neutral as possible so you can safely play with the bedroom’s accessories.


  • Accessorize Based on Your Child’s Personality


Neutrality doesn’t mean that you are forbidden to add your child’s personality to the bedroom.

If your daughter loves Queen Elsa so much, you may decorate the shelves a little with Frozen-themed characters or hanging some sparkling snowflakes from the ceiling. 

Always remember that their favorite cartoon characters may change in just a snap, so never over-do it. Do not put anything that requires drilling on the walls or may damage the paint.

If your child loves drawing, you can accessorize the walls by hanging their art enclosed with modern picture frames. There are also picture frames that don’t require nails or that don’t need to damage the walls. 


  • Leave Enough Room for Other Activities


Who knows if your child will grow to be a fitness buff, an artist, or anyone who would require extra space in his private sanctum? In decorating a child’s room, never overcrowd it with stuff. It’s still best to leave enough space for your child’s other and future activities.

If it’s too early, you can add a small rug with movable furniture such as a small coffee table and a recliner seat just to prevent having an awkward and empty space in the room.

Another option would be a small play area with a kid’s set where your child can play safely with his toys or with his other siblings or playmates.


  • Add Elegant Curtains or Blinds


When choosing a curtain, skip those with toy trucks or teddy bears printed on the fabric. It’s safer to go for plain ones in different matching colors. Anyway, you can change them anytime you want.

If you’re planning to use window blinds, choose a color that would match the entire bedroom. However, if you want to use blinds for your child’s bedroom, never go for the type that has a dangling blind cord that may endanger your kid’s life. Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) is recommending everyone to use those equipped with a cordless option or those that are already motorized that can be adjusted using a cellphone app.


There is nothing permanent in this world, especially when it comes to children’s likes and favorites. This principle should not only be applied to our daily decisions on how to raise them, but also in designing their place of safety or refuge for many years.

By having a bedroom that will grow with your child, it will also save you from spending too much or from feeling frustrated every few years.

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