5 Signs That You are in Need of Furnace Repair


The furnace is an integral part of the heating system in a home. All homes need to have an efficient, long-lasting and high-quality furnace. During seasons such as winter, your furnace needs to be in proper working condition to heat up your home.  Purchasing a new furnace can be expensive and therefore it’s important that you act fast by repairing the one that you have.

Licensed companies that have experienced technicians such as Attitude Comfort Heating and Air offer a lasting solution to your furnace problems. But, how can you tell that you are in need of repair? Below are 5 signs that immediate action needs to be taken in repairing your furnace.

Poor air quality

Is your home stuffy or is there an unusual smell? Furnaces that are worn out sometimes leak. The gas emitted is not good for your health. In some cases, headaches become frequent. This might be as a result of the carbon monoxide gas emitted. Get in touch with a technician to check your furnace.

Old and not serviced frequently

The average life expectancy of a furnace is around 12-15 years. Older furnaces of over 10 years tear and wear as they age. An older furnace will require extensive repair. You might need to change or repair your furnace depending on how frequent you service it annually. Servicing is required at least annually or every two years. It is important that you have an expert that regularly services your furnace.

Unpleasant sounds

HVAC units, a product of modern technology are well designed to function efficiently. The probability of hearing loud noises has been reduced. Loud noises and clanging of panel filters is a signal that you need to repair your furnace. The only sound coming out of our furnace should be that of the fuel that is burning. Any other sounds such as squeaks are considered abnormal sounds. Listen for any unusual sounds that might be heard and contact a technician for servicing.

Rising utility bills

Your energy and heating bills may have been rising over the years. This might be as a result of a faulty furnace. You should find an expert who will give you professional advice. You might have to repair or replace it with a new one.

Whether you go for repair or full replacement, both will save you a lot of money.

Doesn’t stay on or fails to turn on

A furnace that shuts down on a daily basis or refuses to turn on is a bad sign. Frequent going on and off maybe because of a number of reasons, from the wiring or faulty parts that need to be checked by a qualified technician.

A qualified technician will examine your system and conduct the necessary repairs. You will also receive advice on whether you need repair or full replacement. This will greatly improve the maintenance and overall function of your system.


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