Better Than New – 5 Tips for Landscaping When Preparing to Sell Your Home


Throughout the suburbs of Perth and the other major Australian cities, you’ll find acres of beautiful gardens. In fact, even many of the intercity properties now have a garden of some kind, whether it’s a small patch on the roof or a leafy, green balcony. The point is that Aussies love their outdoor spaces and who can blame them with such a gorgeous climate.

For homeowners, it means that landscaping comes top of the list of resale priorities. Almost all prospective buyers are looking for a garden and, usually, bigger is better. It is something to think about when preparing to sell your property. Often, the amount invested in professional landscaping services is eclipsed by the value it adds to the house.

This guide to maximizing the value of your landscaping will give you some ideas on the best tweaks, changes, and transformations.

Consider Expert Help

You can, of course, handle landscaping requirements by yourself, but it will take longer and may even cost more. The big benefit of professional landscape design in Perth is that it’s very efficient and quality is guaranteed.

There will be minimal disruption to your regular routines and you can work closely with the team to create a very personal vision. Whether you want to completely overhaul the space or just make some subtle changes, they can help you get it done fast.

Clearly Define the Lawn

One small change which can make a big difference is lawn edging. This just means creating a very narrow channel or gap around the perimeter of the grass. It keeps the garden looking tidy and it encourages the lawn to grow within boundary lines.

When prospective buyers visit, it will look and feel like a low maintenance responsibility, despite enhancing the aesthetic of the home. You can either leave the channel empty or add a physical border made out wood, brick, or stone.

Identify Key Weaknesses

You’d be surprised at the number of environmental problems which landscaping can alleviate. For instance, if you live close to a busy road, planting dense shrubs at the bottom of the garden is one way to muffle the noise. It also increases privacy and security.

Trees and tall shrubs are great for energy conservation too. They trap heat close to the property in winter and keep it shaded and cool during the summer months. That’s not to mention how beautiful they can look when clipped and manicured.

Add a Little Colour

The quickest and easiest way to add personality to a garden is with brightly colored flowers. This is a useful idea because flowers are inexpensive to buy and because they stop being your responsibility when you move out.

Nevertheless, try to stick with native species which don’t require a huge amount of maintenance. Stubborn plants aren’t enough to put most buyers off, but they could alienate those with very busy lifestyles.

Get Rid of Hiding Places

The one area where you don’t want to plant shrubs and flower beds are up against the walls of the property. It is a common mistake, but it can end up causing a nuisance. Plants attract pests and, the closer that they are to your home, the easier it is for them to make it inside.

If you are planning to sell, remove shrubs from this area and keep it neat and clear. Not only are mice and termites fond of such habitats, they also provide a good hiding place for invaders. Therefore, it is best to limit beds and bushes to spaces a little bit further out from the property.

Why Great Landscaping Is the Key to Sale Success

You’ve got to remember that the garden is the first part of the house which prospective buyers see. It is their introduction and the area which they’ll use to form early judgments about its quality. This is why investing in high-quality landscaping is an effective way to increase resale value and tempt buyers into striking a quick deal.

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