11 Tips to Instantly Add Curb Appeal on a Budget


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When you need to increase curb appeal on a budget, you might be at a loss for ideas. You want to have a home you can be proud of but you don’t have too much money to put into it with kids going to school, car payment, and other commitments.

We get it.

Continue reading this article and we will give you the best tips to increase curb appeal for your home.

1. Big, Bold, Beautiful Door

If your door is boring and looks like all of the other doors in the neighborhood, it’s not doing anything for your curb appeal. If you’re being conservative with the best of your house, you can afford to go bold with your door.

Going bold with your door might mean a bright red or maybe a deep blue. Giving your home a splash of color is sure to make it look happier and more beautiful from the curb.

2. Upgrade Your Door Hardware

Now that you have the new color on your door, don’t forget about the hardware. The hardware makes it look extra fancy and it’s not pricey. Just $20 or so and your door has a whole new facelift.

No matter how nice your door is if the hardware isn’t upgraded, it still looks cheap. Spend the money on your door handle, knocker or peephole and it’ll look like a whole new door.

3. Upgrade or Add Porch Lighting Fixtures

Light makes all the difference in photos and it’s the same with the front of your home. When you invest in the proper lighting, your home is going to look so fresh and bright.

Even in the day, the lighting fixtures give a certain elegance to the house. Make sure you choose light fixtures that complement the design of your house but don’t be afraid to go outside the norm.

4. Add Some Life

Flowers and other plants make your home look full of life. Choose plants that reflect your personality but make sure they are large enough to see from the road. You may even consider putting a small tree near your front door or lining your walkway with shrubs.

5. Don’t Underestimate the Doormat

Having a cute doormat makes your home look more inviting. You can choose a doormat that has a funny, inspirational saying or just a pretty picture. Even a plain, clean doormat can help with curb appeal.

6. Clean Gutters

If your home doesn’t have clean gutters, people’s eyes will be drawn to them like a magnet. Not only do dirty gutters look bad but they might attract pests and even cause problems with your roof.

Broken and rundown gutters can make even the nicest home look less than appealing. If your gutters are very bad, you might have to have them replaced.

7. Birdhouses & Bird Feeders

Most people love the sight of birds in their yard. When you look at your home and you see the cute little birdhouses and bird feeders, you not only get to see the birds flying around but the bird feeders make the place look nice as well.

8. Give the Porch Some Love

Whether you’re trying to hide some imperfections in the wood or it just need some new color, painting, sealing or restaining your porch can make your home look years younger.

For the best results, plan out the colors to match the rest of the house. You don’t want it to look like your porch belongs to another home.

9. House Numbers

Do you have hard-to-read house numbers? Instead of thinking of your house numbers as a necessity, instead, think about them as another way to accent your home.

You can get as artsy and creative with your house numbers as you want as long as it is legible. You don’t want to confuse the mailman after all.

10. Keep Bushes & Trees Trimmed

There’s nothing worse than overgrown and out of control bushes and trees. When bushes and trees aren’t properly taken care of, your home can easily look abandoned even if everything else is taken care of considerably well.

While it is a rather large task to keep the landscaping in order, it is important that you either take care of it yourself or hire someone to do it — for curb appeal’s sake.

11. Upgrade the Mailbox

Your mailbox is front and center when people drive by, so you don’t want to have just any old mailbox out there. You want to have a mailbox that reflects the beauty of your home. Think of it as the cover of your book, the front of your home is the intro and the inside of your home is where the chapters are located.

You can find some very nice mailboxes without going over budget and it will make a major difference to the curb appeal of your home. A minimum effort task or a maximum result.

You may not even need to replace the pole that your mailbox is set on unless your new mailbox is going to be a lot heavier.

Master Curb Appeal on a Budget

Now that you know more about how to get curb appeal on a budget, you can fix up your home without breaking the bank. Looking for other home improvement articles? Our site has more home improvement articles as well as other categories that can help you with life in general.

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