Design Ideas for a Kids’ Playroom


Time to have fun! As your baby grows a little and begins to browse her environment, the best you can offer is a children’s playroom at home. This room or corner of the home will become a space designed to promote her imagination to the fullest and make her have fun at all hours.

We help you put a little light on how this room should be, how to prepare the best decoration so that being in it is pure magic and we show you the essentials ideas that cannot be missing in a children’s playroom. 

The Walls

For the walls it is also advisable to follow the same line of furniture. In playroom wall ideas a one best idea is to combine light and neutral colors with one of the walls in a color that inspires your little one. It is currently in fashion, is to resort to personalized murals or wallpapers with children’s motifs or with an element that your baby likes for the wall. You will be amazed as soon as you see it!

Another good idea that will serve both for your childhood, as well as your maturity, is to use one of the walls to install a blackboard. He will be able to draw or write down his things easily and quickly and thus you can see his creations at all times. 

On the walls you can apply endless ideas, but another idea that seems cool and fun is similar to a tree in one of them and completes it with hangers to decorate it or hang your belongings. Or, if you have space and you are a handyman, or you have one nearby; ), you can create a real tree with wood or some material that you like and give it the use you prefer, such as using it as a shelf.

Furniture and its Colors

When you design the home playroom for children, the logical thing is to think about its use in the short term, to satisfy the needs of the baby when she is still small or small. However, with a little vision in the future, in the long term, you can also prepare what will be her study room or office when she is older.

For this reason, you can do two things. First, adapt the space for your little one when he is still a baby and, later, transform it into a youth room. Or, as a second option, have everything ready to cover the various stages of your little one’s growth.

That is to say, prepare the essential furniture, such as the wardrobes and the youth desk, which will come in handy as storage no matter how old your little treasure is. And, in addition, add other children’s furniture that adapt to their needs and are at their height. This will also create an environment for play and learning while they are a baby. 

If we focus on the colors of the furniture, a good choice can be neutral tones. In addition to providing harmony to the space, they will have the perfect design for your son or daughter when they no longer want children’s objects. This furniture will become the central core of the room.

Create a Themed Children’s Playroom

It’s a great idea! When your little one grows a little, you will know what his favorite toys are, the children’s motifs or drawings that attract him the most or that he tends to play every time he wants to have fun. Based on this, you can design a home game room with a theme or common thread that your little one likes.

For example, you can set the room with a jungle in mind if your baby is more motivated by wild animals. Use plants or wallpaper with vegetation, stuffed animals or toys of wild animals. Or if, on the contrary, it is more of farm animals, try to set the room with elements and colors that are reminiscent of this place. Use wooden pallets to create a desk, sofa, or simply to line a wall like a barn. It will be super fun!

Table and Chair Set

The matching table and chair set is a desk in the shape of a house, which adds a unique and eye-catching touch to the whole. The matching chair will ensure that your child’s creative space does not lack detail and, above all, that it has its specific seat to let its imagination fly on the small desk.

Wood Toys

Toys are made of wood and are the most beautiful thing you can find! If you opt for the Montessori philosophy, it is vital to have toys and natural materials, with different textures, so that the little one grows up educating and becoming familiar with respect for the environment.

Wooden toys are available in various shapes. You can choose according to the preferences of your little one! We have from an airplane to a rocking horse and more!

Learning Tower

Learning tower will serve you both for this room and for the rest of the house. The Montessori philosophy aims to adapt, as far as possible, all the available spaces that children can travel. In this way, they will be able to participate in many more activities both inside and outside their personal space.

In this case, the tower will serve you to reach what cannot be at your height in the playroom at home for children. But, also, to perform other daily tasks, such as brushing teeth, cooking or helping to do housework that is above their height.

With all these ideas and tips, you are ready to create a children’s play room! Giving them an appropriate space designed exclusively for them will give them a lot of security at home. From the first moment they will feel that they are a very important part of the family and this will help reinforce the parental bond from a very young age.

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