Tips for Selecting a Senior Living Facility for a Loved One


Selecting a senior living facility for the first time can be a daunting experience. Once you’ve discussed the prospect with your loved one, it’s time for the difficult choice of choosing one.

There are approximately 811,500 residents living in senior living facilities in the US, with approximately 28,900 retirement communities, so you’re not the first person to go through this process.

Take note, you should understand senior living is not like assisted living, where residents need care to manage basic tasks.

Involve Them in the Process

Don’t select a senior living facility without making sure your senior is involved in every step of the process. Perhaps it’s a parent or an elderly sibling but remember they’re not children and shouldn’t be treated like that.

You want them to be living in a facility they’re comfortable with. You’re only there to help them with the process.

What’s Important to Them?

Every senior has different wants and needs. Ask them where they would like to be situated.

Maybe your parent loves cooking and would love to be next to a market with fresh produce, such as the Farmer’s Market next to the Sienna Living retirement community.

Perhaps they want to be closer to nature so they can go for a walk with new friends?

Is proximity to where you are especially important to them?

These are all things someone looking to move into a senior living facility may expect.

Does it Use the Medicare System?

Even if someone doesn’t need care yet, they may need it later. 75% of seniors have an chronic medical condition.

Many senior living facilities are part of the Medicare system. If your facility isn’t, you either need to be prepared to move to one that is or pay for private medical care out of pocket or through a separate insurance plan.

What Do Other Residents Say?

At some point, you’ll tour the facility and get to see what it has to offer. You should tour multiple facilities so you can compare what’s available.

During your tour, you should speak to the residents living there. Do this privately without any staff present so they feel comfortable speaking openly and freely.

Don’t be afraid to ask what they like least about the facility.

Look for the Local Overseer

Finally, you should make a last check with the local overseer. They’re the person registering and logging complaints from specific facilities.

Make an appointment to review any complaints. That will give you an even more accurate view of what it’s like to live there.

Last Word – Prepare for Any Eventuality

Any senior will tell you they’re looking for stability during their twilight years. Take your time to review your finances and the level of available care offered, as well as what their insurance plan covers.

You want to make sure they choose a facility they’ll never have to leave.

Ultimately, it’s entirely their decision, so never try to push them.

What are you looking for in a senior living facility?

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