Design Ideas for a Child-Friendly Bedroom


Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. They sleep in it, play there and (hopefully) do their homework. This space should be a reflection of their personalities and somewhere they want to go to. If you are thinking of redecorating your child’s bedroom, here is a selection of practical, yet stylish and fun bedroom design ideas.

Play around with different colors

Whilst the traditional saying ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys’ is still very popular for babies and their nurseries, older children will more than likely want a bold stand out colour or mixture to reflect their characteristics and personality. You might also want to move with the times and move away from stereotypes.

A child’s bedroom is the perfect place to have fun with paint and be a little bit creative. To avoid repainting requests every year from your kids try to use colors that will still be loved years later.

Here are just a couple of ideas:

Pink and grey: Pink and grey go hand in hand and, when mixed together with some white bedding, offer a great look for a teenage girl wanting to feel a little more grown up. Fuchsia pink is the best choice for this type of bedroom as it is such a vibrant shade that will only need to be used in a few handfuls dotted around the room.

Subtle colors: Combine colors such as dark blue, light blue and white together – this could even create an Antarctic / polar theme as the cold blues give off a sense of adventure.

Colour coded storage: Colour coded storage brings an essence of the classroom into a bedroom, perfect for school-age children with plenty of homework to tackle. With an array of brightly colored boxes or drawers, this can help with organization and keep things tidy too.

Follow their interests: Most kids have a passion for something whether it be a favorite superhero, space, sports, animals or cars you can interpret that into their bedroom theme – whether that just informs the colors or the shape and style of the furniture and furnishings too.

Wall stickers: Peel and stick wall stickers are a great way to decorate your child’s bedroom. You can use these as part of an overall scheme or as a fun added extra to brighten up those plain walls. Let your child pick out the stickers and tell you where they want them placed. As they grow older and no longer want the stickers, you can simply peel them off. You can find wall stickers for pretty much any theme.

Beds: A popular solution for siblings with small bedrooms is bunk beds. Bear in mind, you may need a rotating schedule for who gets top bunk as it could end up causing some arguments. If you’re concerned about storage, look at the likes of the Divan Beds Centre for beds that can have a doubly practical use.

Designed homework area: Once your child hits the age of regular homework and study time they will need a designated area to keep focused in, whilst having the rest of the space to daydream and relax. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a simple desk and an adjustable chair will do, whilst a beanbag or comfy chair is perfect for some downtime after a hard day of school. 

Children grow up so fast and, before we know it, they are ready to flee the nest. Make the most of those precious childhood moments whilst you have them by creating a bedroom that can help their imagination grow.

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