Dental procedures performed in dental clinics in Turkey


There are many medical procedures done in such cities as Istanbul, Turkey. Dentistry is another area that has grown in popularity in the country, with many people, including foreigners, seeking treatment for their teeth.

There are many dental procedures that you can get done including dental veneers, crowns, orthodontics and dental implants.

You should check that the dentists you choose have the required qualifications. They should also have membership in the Turkish Dental Association. For cosmetic work they should also have additional membership in the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Types of dental procedures in clinics in Turkey

Dental veneers are done to improve the appearance of your front teeth. The procedure is fairly simple. First the dentist will trim some of the enamel from the tooth to be treated to the same thickness that the veneer will be.

Areas of decay on a tooth are usually removed as well and sometimes a filling has to be placed before considering veneers.

The veneer then is bonded to the crown of the tooth, and placed so that the bonding edge is not visible. The idea behind veneers is to improve the overall look and so it is helpful for people who are worried about the appearance of their front teeth.

The shade of the porcelain veneer is also carefully matched with neighboring teeth to create a very natural look. It should not be obvious that these teeth have been worked on and the idea is to create the most natural appearance as possible. To find out more about dental implants click here.

Dental crowns: when and how they are done

Dental crowns are done for implants but also often needed after a person has had extensive work done on their teeth, including root canals.

In a root canal procedure the tooth is drilled into and the pulp that is diseased is removed. The root is then sealed off once all infected tissue is taken out. The tooth may then be filled using some type of material.

The tooth does become weakened by the removal of the pulp and the tooth is likely to fracture as a result. A dental crown is a way to strengthen the tooth, and not only that it improve the appearance of broken natural teeth.

You are most likely to want crowns on your front teeth since these make up your smile and it is what people can see.

A crown can be made from resin, metal or porcelain that is fused to some type of metal, all ceramic or all porcelain. A dental impression has to be taken of your mouth so they can determine what crown to make.

Usually you have a temporary crown first and then a permanent crown which is cemented into place to what remains of the tooth. The dentist may file the remaining tooth down so that they can fit the crown better into position.

Dental implants are also an option if you have missing teeth, and these also do include a crown but involve replacing the root of a tooth with an artificial root.

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