How Dogs Can Benefit Your Kid’s Growth


We might consider dogs to be a chore when we already know what it means to have a kid. But having a dog by your kid’s side might actually alleviate some of the trouble around kids and also be of long-term help.

We pointed out just some of the most important things when it comes to growing up. And here’s how dogs help you out in the upbringing.

1. Play And Motor Functions

Neuroscientists have proven that improving motor functions correlates to intelligence growth in children. You might not want to let your kids jump on the couch, but having them play with the dog is much safer and more complex.

Stop trying to protect them from everything. This is a safe first step. Let your kids engage in a little rough-and-tumble as this can not only help them improve their motor skills but also teach them how to play. And this is really important when it comes to growing up for this teaches them boundaries, what hurts and what doesn’t, how to assert themselves and still have the game going.

2. Socialization and Emotional Development

This point is correlated to the previous one. While playing, an overly anxious or frightful child may overcome the fear of getting hurt. And rough-and-tumble can teach them the play of dominance in a non-aggressive way.

On the other hand, kids that deal with behavioral problems such as aggression and hyperactivity can start developing self-awareness from the young age, before they get to play with other kids. In either case, your kid is better prepared for gaining later acceptance in his or her peer group.

3. Teaching Responsibility

You don’t want your kids to grow up spoon-fed with all the attention and nurturing you provide them with. What you want for them is to feel confident, but confident enough to know they’re competent of taking care of themselves as well as others around them.

Having a dog by their side at an early age helps children realize that other beings have needs that need to be addressed too. Teaching them to take the dog out, feed it and brush it are the first steps towards conscientious and responsible behavior.

4. Strengthening The Immune System

Some of you might have concerns about hygiene and possible health problems that dogs might cause to your household. But as far as research has shown, dogs can actually help build up a better immune system even for children who already have a hard time with it. 

Growing up with a dog has shown to make kids less prone to allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Microbe exposure can also prove to be therapeutical, as it provides good microbes as well as help fight of the unwanted ones.

5. Constant Engagement

Kids need lots and lots of attention, which every parent knows all too well. We might not have the time or energy – and let’s be honest, we don’t always have the needed patience.

Dogs can fulfill this need all day every day, as they are incredibly exuberant and tolerant. This leaves your kid not only entertained and happy but also engaged in a social and physical activity that is exhausting enough to help them have a good quality sleep. This results in stabilizing mood and health.

6. Protection

Kids that are provided with lots of selfless love grow up to be more confident. And parents that can’t afford the leisure time and have to be away most of the day can compensate by having the dog provide the attention and patience. And of course lots and lots of love.

Knowing all this, should you get a trained dog or is it better to get a puppy that will grow up together with your kids? In this case, a puppy can do the same as any other dog. If you worry about the behavior and personality of the dog, go to places such as where you can get well informed of every individual puppy.

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