Gamma knife in Germany


Gamma knife is the high-tech equipment for performing precise radiosurgical interventions. Radiosurgery is the type of neurosurgery that doesn’t require craniotomy and damaging healthy tissues on the way to a pathological focus. Tumor or malformation is destroyed by accurately directed beams with high energy of radiation. Compared to conventional operations, the procedure is more comfortable for a patient and carries significantly lower risk of complications.

In German clinics Gamma knife is widely used for the treatment of intracranial benign (pituitary adenoma) and malignant (germinoma, glioblastoma) tumors, spinal neurinomas, acoustic and facial nerve neuromas, brain vascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations, metastases of other tumors in the head and neck region. Many patients choose treatment abroad in order to undergo this procedure in the well-equipped center.

Preparation for Gamma knife procedure

Best German hospitals take responsibility not only for Gamma knife procedure performing, but also for the patient’s general health state. That is why, preparation starts from the compulsory examination. It includes blood parameters, kidneys and liver function tests.

After that doctors proceed to visualization studies – MRI, CT and PET-CT. Knowing tumor shape and location with accuracy up to tenths of a millimeter allows elaborating individual irradiation scheme. The point is, that each separate Gamma knife beam has low power, but when they come together in the target zone total irradiation dose increases thousands of times. It becomes sufficient for destroying the pathological neoplasm.

Gamma knife therapy doesn’t require obligatory admitting to a hospital, so the whole diagnostic and treatment program may be implemented on an outpatient basis. Usually it takes only one day.

Gamma knife procedure in Germany

Sophisticated equipment for the Gamma knife treatment is available only in the specialized medical institutions. Such clinics should be able to perform general preliminary examination, estimate exact tumor or malformation localization, carry out the procedure and provide patient with necessary follow-up tests. All manipulations should be performed by highly qualified medical personnel, as work with this innovative equipment requires special skills.

According to the number of performed procedures and success rates, list of best hospitals for Gamma knife treatment in Germany includes:

  1. Gamma Knife and Radiotherapy Center Krefeld
  2. University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Gamma Knife Center
  3. Gamma Knife and Radiotherapy Center Hannover

Germany was the first European country to implement this innovative technique into the clinical practice and now is deservedly proud of vast experience and excellent results.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment with Gamma knife in Germany may vary significantly depending on:

  • The main diagnosis
  • Age of the patient
  • Volume of preliminary examination
  • Number of the Gamma knife procedures required
  • Volume of follow-up examination

For example, price of facial nerve neuroma treatment starts from 12,300 €, benign brain tumor treatment – from 11,500 €, arteriovenous malformation treatment – from 11,560 €. Exact price will be calculated based on your individual medical information.

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