How to Ease Stiffness and Back Pain with 9 Exercises


Rarely one has not experienced any kind of a pain in the back; it may be in the upper back, middle or lower back. At any point in life, you must have experienced discomfort, stiffness, and pain in your back and must have looked for some sort of relief from it. Some experience mild pain and some suffer from horrific pain in their back, the reason for the pain varying from person to person.

We here bring you some exercises that are guaranteed to provide you immense relief from the stiffness and back pain.


  • Lower Back Twist


These are the easiest twists that help in stretching your lower back and Gluteus Maximus muscles. All you have to do is lie flat on the ground, stretch both hands in a position like a cross. With your head turned right, twist your lower torso to the left. Repeat this on the other side, i.e. head on the left, torso twisted right. Make sure your shoulders stay on the ground and do not lift them up.


  • Fitness Ball Wrap


This simple exercise is bound to give you immense relief from the pain in any part of your back. All you need is a fitness ball and you have to lie face down on the ball and wrap yourself on it. This will provide you comfort and ease the pain. Stay wrapped on the ball as long as you can.


  • Lying Static with Leg Raised


Another simple method of getting relief from back pain is finding a chair, lying down flat on the floor and placing both legs on the chair. Stay in this position for some time and repeat several times. You can do this to be stress-free after a long and stressful day at work or school. This position puts pressure on the back, thereby, providing you comfort.


  • Abs and Rope Crunches


Your lower back ache can be due to the muscle imbalance in the core area. You can get relief from this kind of pain by strengthening the abdominal muscles, which will help in counteracting the strong back muscles. Crunches and rope crunches are the best methods of achieving this and relieving pain in the lower back.


  • Pelvic Thrust


Another simple exercise that will provide immediate and effective relief from back pain is the Pelvic Thrust. For this, lie flat on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet a little apart. Thrust your pelvis outwards and stay in this position for several minutes. If you want to increase the pressure on your back, place some weights on your thighs.


  • Cobra Stretch


To alleviate the pain and stiffness in your back, try this exercise, but make sure you are in comfortable clothing and have sufficient floor space to perform this exercise. Lie face down on the floor and place your palms on the floor on the side of your chest. Putting pressure on your back, lift your upper torso and keep your head up. Stay in this position for several minutes and repeat. Make sure to keep your feet close and lift your shoulders as high as you can.


  • Inversion Table


Inversion Tables prove to be quite effective equipment when you are looking for relief from back pain, mild or intense. You can use this table to stretch your back in any way, using the gravitational pull for your support.

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  • Wall Sits


Lower back pains can be quite horrifying and get relief from this pain with this easy exercise is like a walk in the park. All you have to do is Wall Sit instead of sitting on a couch for some time. For this, stand with your back to the wall with a distance of 10 to 12 inches. Lean back on the wall using your shoulders and slowly slide down. Keep your knees bent and provide support to your body using your back and shoulders. Stay like this for several minutes.


  • Lying Lower Back Stretch


This exercise will provide relief from pain in the lower back as it stretches the muscles in that region. Lie flat on the floor. Pull your knees in and using your hands to support them, pull your knees to your chest level and stay in this position for several minutes and repeat.

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