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I recently had the chance to go to the Cooper Tire Primary Test Facility.  It was so much fun.  I really enjoyed driving, since I haven’t in 7 years.  It was second nature.  My experience was like none other.  I did a test on Cooper Tires, versus a leading brand.  Hot laps with Johnny Unser, and we even did some distracted driving (which I’m pretty sure I failed).


We learned lots of information about Cooper Tires.  I’m going to share some below.


Cooper Tire was founded in 1914, so is over 100 years old.  They manufacture SUV & Passenger tires, and make 4 million a year.  Cooper Tire is the 5th largest tire company in the United States.  They are also manufactured in Europe, Asia, Mexico, South East Asia & China.


There are 4 basic tire functions for Cooper Tires:  Stop, Steer, Carry Load, Drive Over Road.

  Cooper Tires have a wear square (this is awesome) that you can go by to know when your tires are worn.  If the square is solid, then your tires are good.  As the sides wear off your tires, you know that your tires are becoming worn.  One side missing =  75% tread left, 2 sides missing = 50% tread left, 3 sides missing = 25% tread left, all 4 sides missing = time for new tires.


Look at all the materials that go into one tire (pictured above).  It’s hard to believe that all those materials are in one tire.  This is just the sample table, there is more of each product per tire.

Cooper Tires taught me a lot of great information, that I never knew. 

Did you know if you can only afford two new tires, you always put them on the back?  If not, you will spin out in the rain.  I tested it both ways, new tires on back then front, and you wouldn’t believe the difference.  Yeah, you definitely need to stick them on the back.

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