Be sure to add Chloraseptic to your Spring Break Packing List


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Chloraseptic®

Be Sure to Add Chloraseptic® to Your Spring Break Packing List

It may still be cold in certain parts of the country, but luckily, warmer weather is just around the corner. If you’re like my family, you always welcome a week or two of a warm weather getaway while waiting for spring to fully arrive.

Being a Florida native, I decided to take the kids back home to visit friends and family for our vacation last year. I’ve lived in Ohio for a while now and could always use an excuse to visit family – it’s just a bonus they happen to live in the sunshine state!

My family is big on the outdoors – picnics in local parks, swimming at the beach, strolling down nature trails and backyard BBQs. The problem is the outdoors and I don’t play well. It seems that the moment we cross the Florida state line, I begin to experience uncomfortable sore throat, followed by continual coughing and sneezing.

The only good thing about my predictable allergies is knowing exactly when they’re going to flare up. That’s why I always make sure to pack my essential Chloraseptic® products before I head down south. They offer relief that can last up to four hours. So, instead of being miserable, I can enjoy all that our trip has to offer.

Out of all the products, the Chloraseptic® Cherry-flavored Sore Throat Spray is my personal favorite – it’s always at the top of my packing list when I travel. As the #1 pharmacist recommend brand for sore throat liquids/sprays, I know the product is going to target where it hurts, when it hurts.

For those of you who prefer lozenges, the MAX Wild Berries and Cherry flavored Sore Throat Lozenges are perfect for tucking away in handbags or backpacks. Should I run out, they are readily available in just about all drug stores, grocery stores and large department stores.

I’m headed back to Florida this week and will be in Myrtle Beach in May. I’ve already made my list, packed my bags and I’m ready to go. Check out my packing list essentials below!

My Spring Break Packing List Starring Chloraseptic®:

  •  Prescription medications, small first aid kit and Chloraseptic® lozenges and sprays in the flavors that you and your family love
  •  Lightweight clothing that can be layered, bathing suits, comfortable walking shoes, sandals and/or flip-flops
  •  Cosmetics, personal toiletries, bug spray/wipes and sunscreen…lots of sunscreen
  •  Camera, accessories and all tech charging cords
  •  If your pet is coming along – food and water bowls, treats, copy of vet records/vaccinations, favorite toys, extra leash and collar
  • Important phone numbers and contact information, insurance cards



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Lian Wright
Lian Wright
6 years ago

My family would benefit from having Chloraseptic on hand when we bring my kids to the outdoors. Allergies are one of the few things I do not enjoy about being outdoors, and this product would help me breath easier. It is great that it is available in both a spray and a lozenge to give users the option of how they want to ingest this product.

Lisa Favre
6 years ago

With the weather up and down, it would totally be useful to have Chloraseptic on hand. Where I am, we just got a major snowfall. Brisk weather changes means lots of colds going around – better that we’re ready!

6 years ago

Would you believe that I had never used this product until after I was married? My husband always used it while growing up, and he introduced it to me. It is one of those things that is always in our medicine cabinet.

6 years ago

I feel like we are sick all the time – One person gets sick and pass it to another and the whole family just cannot get better! Most of the time someone is coughing. The spray and the lozenge would really help us relieve our sore throats!

Mommy Hates Cooking
6 years ago

Our weather this year has been so crazy! We go from extreme colds to warm spring (almost summer-like) temps, which is really messing with our allergies since plants are already blooming. I remember my mom always having Chloraseptic on hand when we were growing up. I had forgotten about it until now!

Sandy N Vyjay
6 years ago

I am very prone to being affected with sore throat due to climate change. Chloraseptic spray sounds like a miracle medicine. I would definitely give this a try.

Bites for Foodies
6 years ago

Speaking of sore throats, it’s been going through the house lately! I’m not a huge fan of medication so I usually give the kids honey with cinnamon! I would use this myself!

Debra Hawkins
Debra Hawkins
6 years ago

I have been having a nasty sore throat from allergies! I totally forgot about this spray. I am grabbing some at the store tonight so I don’t have to ruin our weekend trip. I love that options of the spray or the lozenges, so you can have which one works for you!

6 years ago

I get a sore throat every year around allergy season. It never fails. The discomfort and annoyance that comes with having a sore throat makes me miserable. I will definitely be storing a few bottles of Chloraseptic in my house and office desk.