Is Your Health Insurance Premium Increasing? Taxes Could Be to Blame!


The Affordable Care Act has really helped a lot of people gain access to proper health insurance coverage. Despite its caveats, the program still enables millions to get better healthcare at a much lower price; those who can’t afford a health insurance policy are given basic coverage for free too. However, the same law also imposed a tax on health insurance providers. Soon, this tax may be the cause of premium increases across the country.

According to studies compiled by the Northeastern University and its online MST program, healthcare insurance tax is one of the six big taxation problems the country is facing. The health insurance penalties imposed to those with no insurance policy are also causing problems that are not as easy to solve.

If you want to learn more about these tax-related problems, be sure to read the full infographic, Six Issues in Taxation below.


This infographic was created by Northeastern University.

Taxation-Issues set


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