Want A Whiter Smile, Better Check-ups, And Healthier Teeth And Gums?


  The Mirror Trigger™ company is proud to announce their new product, the  BrushCling™. It’s a static cling that is placed on your bathroom mirror to help people, especially children, to remember to brush and floss correctly, everyday. The BrushCling™ will promote less cavities (less pain), less dental costs, whiter teeth, healthier teeth and gums, and higher self esteem. The BrushCling™ has three areas that help build a daily brushing and flossing habit. 


  1. The BrushCling™ describes how to properly brush and floss your teeth.


  1. It has a weekly brushing and flossing chart, with a rewards section. The parent and child decide on the reward for the week, like a trip to the zoo. When the chart is filled in, the child receives the reward. This will get children to want to brush and floss daily.


  1. “The Princess Twinklina And Prince Sparkle Tale”, takes about two minutes to read and is designed to show a person about how long they should brush their teeth. The tale promotes proper brushing and flossing habits. The parent or someone else, reads this to the child while brushing. Hopefully the child will want to hear the tale every night and morning.


     Habits are formed by: 1. Cue/Trigger, the response that triggers the routine/behavior (the BrushCling™). 2. Routine/Behavior, the person performs the routine (brushing and flossing their teeth). 3. Reward, the person is given a reward for a job well done (trip to the zoo). This positively reinforces the habit.


     Once a person has the habit/routine down, they should brush and floss automatically everyday. Help your child brush correctly everyday and have beautiful, healthy teeth and gums (as well as high self esteem) for the rest of their lives. You can get the BrushCling™  for $4.99, with free shipping, for a limited time.

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