9 Benefits Of Letting Adolescent Girls Wear Period Underwear


Whether it has something to do with the mess, the cramps, and the roller coaster of mood changes, menstruation is frequently viewed by many as unpleasant. Adolescent girls who haven’t started their period yet may have set expectations for when this day would come. Regardless if they’re scared or excited, it’s best to guide them in this new phase of womanhood. 

Periods remind women to take care of their bodies, and one way to do that is to choose an effective and comfortable menstruation product. One viable option is period underwear. If you’re not familiar, check out the following benefits of having adolescent teens use this kind of undies.

  1. Good For The Body

While disposable menstrual products can be thrown conveniently after use, these are filled with adhesives, fragrances, plastics, and chemical gels, which you don’t want near your most sensitive areas. Period panties such as those from Knix.com don’t contain irritating substances, so adolescent girls can minimize their exposure to synthetic chemicals found in tampons and disposable sanitary pads. Of course, period underwear should also be changed accordingly, or else it could also irritate your skin if allowed to become too wet and saturated.

  1. Promotes Body Positivity

Young girls are exposed to all sorts of media these days, affecting how they view their bodies. One of the surprising benefits of using period underwear is the body positivity aspect that comes with it. Menstruation is a natural process, which shouldn’t be viewed as an inconvenience. Many girls feel ashamed or embarrassed when it comes to period-related incidents, and this is usually the effect of negative cultural conditioning. When adolescent girls learn to embrace being natural, they’ll look at their period and bodies positively.

  1. Earth-Friendly

A woman is said to use up to 20,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime. This sure is plenty of waste. Think about how many girls have their periods each day all over the world. This doesn’t include the effects of shipping, manufacturing, and packaging of these disposable products. On the other hand, cloth pads, menstrual cups, and period underwear are reusable and can last for several years. Young girls can then reduce their impact on the environment and avoid the need to buy products each month. This also teaches young girls to be more responsible in choosing products that won’t harm the environment. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Once a young girl builds up her collection of period underwear, she’ll be covered for the next several menstruating years. If care instructions are followed, period underwear is expected to last at least five years. Many women even claim that their undies have been with them for an even longer time. Thus, these washable types are more cost-effective than disposable products.  Although period underwear may seem expensive at first, you’ll save more money over time than when using disposables. 

  1. Comfortable

Period underwear doesn’t come with that itchy, wet, and plastic feel associated with disposable pads. In fact, it’s as comfortable as wearing regular underwear. That icky feeling you remember with disposable pads will be easily forgotten when you give period underwear a try. 

  1. Fun And Stylish

Forget boring tampons and disposable menstrual pads. Period underwear comes in a variety of colors, styles, and prints to choose from, depending on your personality.

  1. Keeps You Feeling Fresh

Period underwear keeps you feeling fresher than disposable pads because they’re made of breathable fabric, allowing air to circulate, thus reducing moisture. This reduction in moisture means there are fewer bacteria present that produce offensive smells. If you do notice a foul odor, it could be caused by bacterial imbalances, which should be referred to a doctor. 

  1. Easy To Care For

While period underwear may not be every woman’s choice, young girls who’d like to try it should know that they’re easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed with detergent right after use. Or you can store them dry until you’re ready to do the laundry. In this case, you may want to soak the period panties with water and detergent before washing them as usual. 

  1. Discreet

Because period underwear doesn’t come with adhesives and plastics that make noises when handled, the undies can be changed quietly. Young girls who need to change in their school bathroom need not be concerned since these panties are discreet to use.

Final Thoughts

Period underwear comes in many fun options with different choices depending on the type of menstrual flow. For young girls who want to be in control of their bodies and menstrual cycle, period underwear is worth trying. This kind of underwear protects you from leaks while keeping you fresh and comfortable. Since it’s made of natural fabrics, period underwear is safe for use with young girls and safe for the environment as well. 

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