Can I watch Hulu outside US and Japan?


The advent of digital streaming has truly resulted in an online boom like no other. In fact, services like Netflix, Hulu, and other On-Demand networks are rapidly replacing traditional cable across the world. So much so that countless individuals have closed their cable accounts in favor of online streaming channels. Like cable, however, these networks offer a range of channels – along with original series, dramas, movies, sports, documentaries and so much more. The key to accessing these innovative and burgeoning services is securing the right provider. As an industry leader in online digital TV, Get Flix is a convenient way to enjoy all your favorite shows online –and via a myriad of devices.

The Hulu Experience

Hulu continues to soar in global popularity. From original programming to the latest movies, this online streaming channel has thousands of subscribers in the U.S. and Japan. Whether watching this network via Apple TV, Kodi, or especially Get Flix – you are guaranteed non-stop entertainment and critically acclaimed shows and movies. While relatively new, Hulu was originally slated for only American and Japanese audiences. However, Get Flix now offers this service to the entire world. You simply need to subscribe to one of many plans available at the site, along with opening a Hulu account. With your account, you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of shows, movies, TV programs, sports, documentaries, and original series and programming.
  • The ability to stream and sync programming on any device, including I-Phones, I-Pads, Kindles, I-Pods with Internet access, Apple TV, and traditional laptops.
  • On-Demand services at any time – create favorite show lists – pause, rewind, and play shows in real-time.
  • Compatibility with a range of Operating Systems, applications, and devices.
  • No interference or lag due to updates – all updates run quietly in the background.
  • Watch directly on Get Flix or via an external player for optimal convenience.

Save More and Watch More

In many ways, history is repeating itself via burgeoning and cutting-edge technologies. Remember the days when you had to go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to rent the latest release? Well, all that came to end when services like Redbox took over the DVD and gaming rental industry. Now many cable companies are feeling the brunt of online digital streaming services. In fact, these services will continue to grow and expand since you literally save more money per month – and get to watch more favorite shows at anytime – and from any device.

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