7 Reasons the Red Sox Will Win The World Series



Well spring time in our house means baseball season. I prefer to think about flowers in bloom or the nice weather that Texas gets for about 3 weeks… no lie! But the “Man” of the house is tuned into the Red Sox. So this blog is to honor him, here is a top 7 count down of why we believe the Red Sox are going to win the World Series.

7.) Bobby Valentine
He’s gone. 2012 is over. It’s a new day. He couldn’t handle the locker room. He made bad decisions on the dugout and the players didn’t respect him. The Sox should have let him go during the All Star break, but better late then never.
6.) Red Sox Nation
It’s nice to be able to play at basically any park in the country and get some major support. They are winning, the fans are coming out of the wood works.
5.) Big Papi
David Ortiz is back from his injury and back in a BIG way! He was less than good during his rehab in AAA. As soon as he hit Boston, he decided to go off. He’s currently batting a smooth .500. While that is obviously going to drop, it’s still nice to see him have a demigod like start.
4.) Closers
Ok, I’m not going to lie, I was worried about this one at the beginning of the season. Hanrahan got off to a terrible start as the closer. Plus, we have some shaggy haired man, who shall remain unnamed, go on a walking spree in the tenth and actually walk a run in… All that is behind us now. Hanrahan is getting healthy, taking care of a lingering groin issue. And Mr. Andrew Bailey has been cleaning up. A low ERA and a few saves in a row and he has probably earned his spot as the go to closer.
3.) Napoli
He may deserve to be #2 on this list, but I’m doing the writing and I think he’s a solid #3.  Leading the league in RBI’s, walk off hits and clutch when it matters, he’s doing it all at the plate. I have thanked the Rangers several times for letting him go. The pickup of Napoli had a lot of people scratching their heads, but it appears those questions are all gone now. He’s doing what no one could have dreamed he’d do.
2.) Buchholz/Lester
These guys are off to an incredible start. Microscopic ERA’s. Haven’t lost a game (combine 9 wins on the season). No sign of slowing down. We needed them to step up, and step up they have.
1.) Farrell
We needed new leadership. He brought it. We needed someone the players respected. He’s that too. We needed someone who knew this team. Former Sox pitching coach? Check. So far, so good.
So there you have it fans, even if you are not a fan, you can’t deny the best current record in baseball. So start saving your money for your plane ticket to Boston, you are going to want to be at Fenway for this one!​
Lee is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leader in the Dallas home security systems industry. He loves all things baseball, but particularly his Red Sox.  

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