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Most musicians fall into two groups: the self-taught and those who have years of formal training. If your older children are considering a life in music, you’ll want to aid them in learning an instrument or at least have a really strong singing voice. You can pay for lessons to learn the instrument of their choice, but most growth in skill is when an instrument is selected and practiced rigorously on your own. Most famous artists studied hard and worked in the industry for years before they were discovered. So, if your child is dreaming of a stadium packed with screaming fans, they will have to be willing to put in the hard work.

Choosing an Instrument

If you child is a singer then the goal is to train and strengthen those vocals. Coached for voice are not hard to find and can help a ton. Vocal instructors can bring experience in strengthening and caring for a voice while enhancing its sound and pitch at the same time. Expert help is a nice stepping stone, but its not easy to be a famous singer so once again personal determination for your son or daughter is the key to success.

Here are some things they can do to become a famous singer:

·  Take vocal lessons

·  Apply to bands

·  Create YouTube videos

·  Have them learn songs that display the best attributes of their voice

·  Don’t be afraid to write some of their own lyrics

If singing isn’t their forte, don’t worry. Anyone can still be a part of a band, without having vocal talents. However, you must be talented with an instrument. Most bands are made up of an electric guitar, a bass guitar, and drums. Other instruments are often integrated in order to make a uniquely standout sound.

Unless your son plays like Carlos Santana, don’t expect their beginner guitar skills to land them a paying gig right away. There are literally millions of non-famous guitar players. When a band has an opening, there are guitar players lining up around the block to have their shot at making it big. If they have their heart set on playing guitar the best thing they can do is gain skill in as many string instruments as possible (electric, acoustic, ukelele, banjo) and perhaps work on their vocals. Many successful articles are simply 1 man or women singing with a guitar.

They can increase your chances of success by learning to play another instrument. Bands do require all sorts of instruments, from strings to brass. If  they can play the trumpet, the perhaps a blues band could be an option. They could learn to play the piano and niche their way way into any band. Anyone can teach themselves to play an instrument, but learn on a faster track when you pay for lessons.

The Path to Stardom

The secret to success is never giving up. Getting famous, especially from music, isn’t easy. It takes hard work, determination, and talent. A huge part of continuing the struggle for success is support and that is where family comes into play. Don’t be the mother who constantly nags her child to give it up and get a real job. Whether or not you believe your child has the talent for the big time just making them feel like you truly believe in their ability can make them twice the musician. Earning a reputation is music is tough so having family support to aid their determination may be the best coaching you can offer.

Supporting but also driving your child to success is just what they need. Even if they don’t become a worldwide sensation they may find other opportunities from playing music. If you play a classical instrument you may find yourself playing in a pit band for a play or teaching lessons while playing in a local orchestra. Perhaps they could learn the business of music while trying to make it big, lessons they can teach future artists as a manager. Regardless, who doesn’t want to see their child follow their true passion!



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