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Are you a fan? I mean a real fan. Do you know every stat? Every Win? Every Loss? Every Tie? Are you the kind of fan that shows up in the cold with no shirt, but the colors painted on your chest? Dressed up in full character at the drop of a hat?

Are you that kind of fan? Then you need a Bleacher Creature. What is a Bleacher Creature? Let’s find out. First off, are you a fan? Your first question is probably “A fan of what?” That’s the beauty of Bleacher Creatures. No matter what you’re a fan of, they probably have you covered. Are you a professional basketball fan? They have you covered. Are you a professional football fan? They have you covered. Are you a major league baseball fan? They have you covered. Are you a fan of Rocky? Or the Avengers? Or Superman? Or the Pope? They have you covered.

Yes, I just said the Pope. Pope Francis.

Bleacher Creatures are a unique way for your kids to interact with whoever their current hero happens to be. Now I admit they probably shouldn’t be hero worshipping Don Corleone from the Godfather. But if they do, Bleacher Creatures has you covered. Bleacher Creatures has players from every major sport (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL), Marvel and DC Universe characters. Little likenesses just for your little one to carry around.

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At Bleacher Creatures, we believe in the bond between fans and their heroes—and we make it real.

Bleacher Creatures are uniquely true-to-life plush figures that turn the greatest athletes and entertainment icons into characters, even friends, whom you can hang out with anytime, anywhere. Our goal: to encourage fun, inspiration and, of course, play among fans of any age.

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion of this product.

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