Laser X – The Ultimate Laser Tag Game


Shopping for Christmas can be both fun and exhausting. But one thing that can make shopping a breeze? Easy, simple, fun toys that you know will be a huge mom win!

**Disclaimer – We received the Laser X product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Laser tag has been a hit for all ages for as many years as I can remember. It is just one of those games that will never be boring or old, especially as technology advances and companies like NSI find new ways to make the game even better.

Laser X - The Ultimate Laser Tag Game

NSI’s Laser X is a new form of laser tag with a new comprehensive system. You can use it inside or out, playing during the day or at night. The voice coach tells you how well you are doing, keeps tracks of your shots, and tells you when to recharge. You can play teams or just go rogue and play against everyone else in the group. Laser X features sophisticated electronics and optics that give players pinpoint blasting accuracy up to 200 feet. 

We received the set for two. Laser X comes with one or two receiver vests that you place on your chest depending on which set you purchase. But what I love most about these is that no matter which set or how many you purchase, every individual or double set can be played with together. So, say you have 4 kids, you buy them each a set or buy two sets of two, they all four work together!

You can play in teams or you can go rogue and its every kid (or adult) for themselves! One thing I really thought was neat and different about this system – the sensors. Generally, when you get a laser tag game, you will find the sensors on the end or sides of the gun. With Laser-X the sensor is on the vest and really makes more sense because you are then aiming for the person playing vs. their gun.

Laser X - The Ultimate Laser Tag Game

The whole set feels solid and has a decent weight to it. This makes it feel like a sturdy item vs a cheap plastic toy. That is really important for us when it comes to buying a gift. The blaster beam is infrared, so no visible beam is emitted – but it does have a neat shot sound effect each time you shoot. To “reload” you simply point the gun at the ground and go again.

Laser X - The Ultimate Laser Tag Game

The gun takes 3 AAA batteries, which is nice because most people have those on hand without having to go and find special kinds of batteries when they need to be replaced.

Laser X - The Ultimate Laser Tag Game

Overall, we had a blast with these laser tag guns. It is a fun, energetic game that can be played indoors or outdoors, day or night. I think that adds to the appeal because no matter what the weather, you can play the game and keep the kids entertained. I think the price point is also reasonable considering if you were to go and play 3 games of laser tag at a local arcade, you would spend as much or more.

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