Belli for Bellies, Lips, Cheeks and More


Belli for Bellies, Lips, Cheeks and More

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Belli makes bellies so much softer and smoother.  Pregnancy is filled with  many wonderful experiences.  Unfortunately their are a few not so wonderful ones in the mix.  Due to raging hormones, skin can change throughout the months of pregnancy and after birth.  Belli offers a wide range of products that can take the sting out of some of those unwanted changes.

Let’s start at the top and work down.

Acne Face Wash can help to ease those breakouts that can occur during pregnancy.  For targeting specific areas, there is Acne Control Spot Treatment.  And don’t forget the sunscreen. It should be a part of everyday beauty routines!

B - Anti-Blemish Facial Wash

Face Products:

  • Anti-Blemish Face Wash
  • Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator
  • Anti-Blemish Basics
  • Acne Control Spot Treatment
  • Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen

Keep dry lips at bay with Sheer Comfort Lip Balm

This lip balm is scent free and filled with rich medical grade hypoallergenic lanolin that goes on smooth and keeps lips moisturized.

B - Sheer comfort Lip BalmWe can’t talk about pregnancy without talking about bellies…big bellies.  Oh the stretching that goes on.  It can cause tightness and itching.  Belli Belly Elasticity Oil smells great and helps with the itching.  It can also lessen the chance of serious stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

B - Belly Elasticity Belly OIl

About Belli

Belli is Picky for a Purpose to give you peace of mind. Every Belli product is allergy tested, free of paraben preservatives, phthalates, and artificial dyes or fragrances, and made in the USA. And, for expecting and new moms the products are teratology screened to avoid ingredients with even remote links to birth defects or miscarriage in published medical studies, and Lactmed screened to avoid any ingredients that could be harmful if passed through breast milk

For all over body care, Belly has Pure and Pampered Body Wash and All Day Moisture Body Lotion,to help keep skin soft and supply.

Belli’s complete line of up products:

  • Ultimate Stretch Mark Protection Kit
  • Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator
  • Anti-Blemish Facial Wash
  • Acne Control Spot Treatment
  • Anti-Blemish Basics
  • Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub
  • Eye Brightening Cream
  • Elasticity Belly Oil
  • All Day Moisture Body Lotion
  • Your Best Baby Bump Duo
  • Stretchmark Minimizing Cream
  • Pure & Pampered Body Wash
  • Sheer Comfort Lip Balm
  • Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen
  • Complexion Protection Duo
  • Healthy Glow Essentials Trio
  • Belly Brighten Up Face & Eye Duo
  • Cleanse & Glow Facial Duo
  • Prep & Glow Facial Trio

And don’t think that Belli’s products are only for pregnant women…teens and tween go through loads of hormonal changes!  Keep their skin looking and feeling great with the Anti-Blemish Basics.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  Guys get stretch marks too.  Often during periods of rapid growth in the teen years (often on their backs above their waists). Give your guys a bottle of the Belly Elasticity Oil and see if it helps!

Belli Acne

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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