Bfree Freedom IS the Best Baby Bottle in the World


The ads, the hype, and the promise to be the best baby bottle in the world made me REALLY curious to try the Bfree Freedom bottle. Legit, I kinda wanted it for ME after seeing their video. So when we got the opportunity to actually try them out – I was stoked!

When my son was just a couple of weeks old, the colic started grabbing root. Truth be told, the pediatrician never gave a formal diagnosis of colic because he didn’t cry for three hours straight. Instead, he cried intermittently, but for most of the day and night. I tried everything to ease the colic.

Bfree – Freedom

I literally wore a path in the carpet from walking and bouncing him. I was hoarse from the constant stream of shushes escaping my lips. And every one of my neighbors hoped we would be rendered mute by some random, freak accident. I am not exaggerating even a little

The Bfree bottle boasts of being the absolute best baby bottle in the world because it helps to reduce colic, among a host of other benefits. After just a couple of feedings, I can say the product stands up to all the hype. If my son were a dinosaur, he would be a Cryosaurus Lex (his name is Lex. Get it?). That is until we switched to this bottle. 

How the Bfree Freedom Works

Beyond the freedom granted to us by our Founding Fathers in our great constitution, the Bfree Freedom takes a different approach toward feeding. Part of what causes colic in infants is air during feedings. They either gulp, which creates giant air and gas bubbles in their teeny, tiny little bellies. OR the bottle creates a vacuum, causing baby to have to suck harder. This causes nipple collapse as well as more swallowing of air during feedings. Either way, swallowed air is the enemy of colic. No amount of grippe water or reflux medication will help. BUT a new approach to feeding will.

This is why the Bfree Freedom has created a bottle that provides a more natural airflow. There is no vacuum created, and there are no surprise leaks in the bottle. Instead, the natural airflow allows baby to drink without gulping or creating a vacuum, which reduces the amount of air swallowed and reduces symptoms of colic.

Other Amazing Benefits of the Best Baby Bottle in the World

I have tried so many different types of bottles, and it seems the more a bottle is supposed to prevent colic and abdominal discomfort, the more complicated it is to wash. I have a sink that seems to always be full of “soaking” bottles. Really, that means I don’t feel like washing a gazillion pieces so I fill up the sink with soapy water and let them sit.

Then when I need one, I have to fish through cold, dirty water to find the parts I need, wash them thoroughly, then reassemble a bottle before a feeding. What a nightmare. The Bfree Freedom comes apart at the top and bottom. That means no more chunky milk residue at the bottom. You know exactly what I’m talking about, too. That stuff that no bottle brush in the world can seem to scrape off the bottom. 

Know what else is great about this bottle? It’s BPA free. I know, that seems like it’s not really a big deal. Most baby bottles are BPA free these days. Still, it’s good for peace of mind knowing that there aren’t any harmful chemicals in these bottles that can harm my baby. 

Oh! You know what else? This bottle is known to help prevent ear infections! Babies’ ear canals don’t allow for complete drainage of fluids. So when there is fluid in the throat, it can often work its way up to the middle ear in infants, which causes infections.

The Bfree bottle helps to eliminate a lot of the reflux that causes fluid to hang out in the throat. That means it is less likely to migrate toward the middle ear and less likely to cause an ear infection. Hooray!

Colic is no joke. Nothing can rip apart a family faster than a difficult or fussy baby. In my house, the fussiness of our little one caused more stress and more fights than anything else ever has. Plus, bonding with him was extremely difficult.

Lack of sleep caused tensions to run even higher. I was bordering on clinical depression when you added the post-pregnancy hormones into the mix. My son’s colic wasn’t just hard on him, it was hard on the whole family. The Bfree Freedom did wonders to curb a lot of his colic.

Sing it with me mama’s… Freedom…. Freedoooom…Freeedommm….. 

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