What Does Health Insurance Cover After Pregnancy?


Health insurance is designed to keep you safe and healthy through preventative care, screenings and emergency medical treatment if and when you need it. You’re supposed to be getting all of this with the peace of mind that you won’t be hit with huge bills if something does happen to you. After having a child though, it’s only natural to wonder if your existing health insurance coverage will care for more than just you.

These are the most common postnatal coverage questions that new parents have, and finding answers to them before you need treatment can help you rest easy at night. You’ll also be able to amend your policy or change your care if you find that you’re not getting something you know you’ll need as a new proud parent.

Wellness Checkups for Mom

As a new mom, you’re likely going through a combination of feelings. You’re elated with your new baby, but being a new parent is tough! The last thing you need to be worrying about is your health, especially if you had a C-section while giving birth. That doesn’t mean you want to be going back to the doctor’s office all the time. In fact, you’re probably totally over that!

Most insurance policies will cover a wellness checkup for mom. These are generally scheduled about four to six weeks after you give birth if you had a vaginal delivery. Moms who gave birth via C-section may need to go in around one to two weeks after giving birth since there are often more physical complications involved.

Routine blood tests and booster shots are not uncommon during these wellness checkups either. They’re simply designed to keep new moms healthy.

Wellness Checkups for Baby

One of the first doctor’s visits that you’ll have after giving birth is a simple wellness checkup for your baby. These are usually easy, quick appointments where your doctor will perform a thorough head to toe evaluation of your baby’s physical health. During this checkup, they’ll also take your baby’s weight, length and head circumference. Shots are commonly given to newborns at this time as too.

During your child’s first wellness checkup, you’ll have the ability to ask questions to your doctor about your child’s health and basic needs. These can range from addressing any issues to questions about sleep or diet. Most wellness checkups are performed within a few weeks of having a child.

Preventative Services for Your Baby

Preventative services for your baby are important and work to keep them healthy no matter what comes up. A variety of different tests are done under the preventative services banner, including mental health screenings, hearing tests, blood pressure screenings and more.

As your child gets older, the types of preventative screenings will change according to their age. Depending on your insurance, some screenings may be covered while others may not.

For your newborn though, most basic preventative screenings like hearing and mental health tests will be covered through your standard insurance policy.

Breastfeeding Support and Equipment

Breastfeeding is often a difficult part of the first year of a child’s life for new mothers. Having some professional support to help you learn the process and make it more efficient is often needed. Many healthcare providers offer this service to new mothers in the form of a few one-on-one support sessions or group classes.

Equipment required for breastfeeding is also covered in some cases, as this can be costly, yet it’s essential to your baby’s health if you choose to breastfeed. Check your insurance policy to learn more about whether breastfeeding equipment is covered.

Elective Circumcision

Circumcision is an elective procedure, and it isn’t always done at the time of birth anymore. While some policies will cover this procedure, others will not. In some states, Medicaid will cover circumcision, but others do not allow for it.

Check your insurance policy if circumcision is important to you for personal or religious reasons.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting changes an adult can have in their life. It’s also a great deal of new responsibility when it comes to your child’s health. Check your insurance policy to make sure you and your baby are covered.

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