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 Headed out on a summer road trip with kids? We all know that those can be a real challenge. But they can also be fun! The key is to go with plenty of travel activities, and the right gear, to set yourself up for comfort. BenBat creates the most unique and innovative road trip essentials for kids of all ages.

 “BenBat creates original products that are fun and innovative, specially designed to brighten the every day activities of infants, toddlers, and children everywhere. A subsidiary to an acclaimed product design company, BenBat comprises a young, dynamic team with a fresh approach to contemporary living.”


 Let’s start with the youngest – your precious babies! Not only do you want to keep on eye on her, but you also want to keep her from getting bored and fidgety. The Oly Active Baby Car Mirror hangs on the back seat and lets your rear facing baby see you – and you to see her! It actually lights up with a friendly smile face that blinks and winks at your little one. It plays music too and will delight your baby for hours. 

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  • 3 colors: pink, blue and green
  • Wide angle convex mirror
  • Features 8 tunes (4 melodies and 4 sound effects)
  • Vibration sensor activates sleep mode when you’re done to help reduce battery consumption.
  • Comes with a remote so that you can control it from the front. Or, in my case, my toddler can control it from the seat.

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  • Light up mirror surface features a friendly face with animations. Features bubble dream light effects to help with sensorial development.
  • Wobbly ears have a “kaleidoscope” inside that catch the light
  • Features legs in the back to choose your tilt angle

Babies love friendly faces, and Oly is sure to delight!


Next, your older children might complain about discomfort or having to sit for too long. The Travel Friend Cyclop is more than just a travel companion! It features total head and neck support in a friendly but mature design. It attaches to the backrest of the car so that it stays in place. Cyclop has two sides – one warm, cozy fabric, and the other made of cooler fabric for summer. Magnets keep it closed and in place. It even has a pocket perfect for stowing an iPod!



ben-bat 6Finally, the entire family needs protection from the sun during car rides! The Bubble Dreams Car Sunshade makes sure that no harmful UV rays can hurt your precious children. 

  • They filter out the light while allowing in the view
  • Two “kaleidoscope” windows mix with daylight to create bubbly, dreamy lights inside the car
  • They come in the cutest prints that are both playful and modern
  • Comes in a package of two.
  • Twists and folds tiny for storage.
  • Attaches in seconds with silicon pumps


BenBat’s road trip essentials are both colorful and brilliant! They take basic travel products to the next level, both in design and functionality. They will help your trips go smoother, and your family stay happier!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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