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zing 2Getting children outdoors, and off their video games is the never ending challenge that moms today face. The older the children are, the hardest this seems to be. Zing has some amazing action toys that are sure to have the kids praying for nice weather. Just don’t call them “toys” to your tween’s face…

“Zing makes high-quality toys for high-action play. Our mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle by compelling kids to turn off their video games or smartphones, get off the couch, and get up to play! Our inventors are kids at heart with safety in mind, bringing you fun in a zillion packages: mini-monsters, boomerangs, and big bows! Soaring rockets, dart blasters, and sticky creatures!.”

Zing Firetek rocket and bows are perfect for mild summer nights. They light up the sky and feature active outdoor play for older children… and adults! They are perfect for daytime as well, providing hours of fun outdoors. 

Zing Firetek Bow:

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This light up bow set is available in multiple colors, including “Air Huntress” designed for girls who love pink. Hook up the foam tipped arrows and watch them light up the sky as they soar up to 145 feet in the air. It’s easy to use – just loop it and launch it! It will whistle as it flies to add a little more fun to the action. 

Zing Firetek Rocket:

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 Want to fly even higher? The Firetek rocket flies up to 250 feet! It will light up the sky, making it perfect for night as well as day. Load it into the launcher, pull, and watch it fly! The rocket comes with a little switch to activate or deactivate the light. It’s so portable, making it perfect for trips to the park, camping, and more. Of course, it whistles too. 

Zing Firetek toys are perfect for big kids – ages eight and older. These ages are sometimes the hardest to get outdoors, and age-appropriate outdoor equipment can really help. Oh, THAT’S the word you should use. Not toys. Equipment! Which kid doesn’t love playing with “equipment”?

So what are you waiting for? Head outdoors and fire ‘er up for some outdoor summer fun!

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