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Want to keep your little one’s baby teeth, but have no where to stick them?  Then the Baby Tooth Album is perfect for you.  I know it’s perfect for me.  I didn’t get to do this for my daughter, because she is grown, and I didn’t know about it.  However, my almost 4 year old, will have this when he gets older.  It’s a wonderful keepsake that will keep their teeth protected, as well.


The Baby Tooth Album is super cool.  And it’ll be great for Little Jacob, when he is grown, and no longer believes in the Tooth Fairy.  I love this album, and there are boy and girl ones.  You can get them according to the sex of your child.


You can buy the Baby Tooth Album at the link below.  These are great keepsakes, especially for Easter, when kids get all those sugary treats that have the potential to rot their teeth. But instead of giving it to Jacob, I’m going to save it until all of his teeth are in it, then give it to him.  I think it’ll be more special that way.

The Baby Tooth Album is only $19.95, and is great for a memory.  Here’s the description:

The Baby Tooth Album Memory Book is truly one of the most unique and precious products on the market. Baby teeth are unquestionably one of the most precious souvenirs of child’s growing years. Virtually all parents keep their children’s baby teeth-they just don’t know what to do with them!!

Simply open the Memory Book, rotate the clear protective cover of the Baby Tooth Organizer to the appropriate tooth well, place the tooth and rotate cover shut.

In the following beautifully designed whimsical pages, place snapshots of your child’s toothless smile, journal special moments and dates, and even save your child’s letter to the tooth fairy! Also included, is our “Baby Tooth Chart” which not only allows you to record dates and special notes, but also helps you track your child’s smile with tooth eruption and shedding patterns. Finally, our “tooth fairy inspired” sticker sheet is a great way to have fun personalizing your memory book even more.

There is nothing like it on the market today!

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, this one-of-a-kind product makes a truly unique and sentimental gift for Holidays, Birthdays, Mother’s Day and especially Baby Showers. The “Baby Tooth Album Memory Book” is also the perfect “grandma/grandpa gift”.

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