A Simple Guide to Planning A Surprise Party for your Child


In the era of technology, planning a fun surprise party for a child is easier than ever, but it might be harder to keep the surprise hidden, so if you’re eagerly awaiting your child’s next birthday as a surprise party, be sure not to let the cat out of the bag. 

Planning a Surprise Party from the Comfort of your Home

What can you do from home to plan the party from home? 

  • Order the cake online. This will reduce any chance of an eager child overhearing your call to a bakery. 
  • Send online invitations, commonly referred to as Evites, to guests. With no paper trail, there’s no evidence for your son or daughter to stumble upon. Make sure the invites, (whether by word-of-mouth or e-vites) clearly state that it’s a surprise! You’d be shocked at how many surprise parties are ruined by well-intentioned guests asking the birthday boy or girl what they’d like as a gift. 
  • Be clear on the Evites if this is a gift-free party by simply stating, “your presence is our present!” That way, guests don’t feel obligated to bring anything. If you would to curtail the sheer number of toys that your child is receiving, ask guests to kindly donate to a good cause, or direct them to an amazon wishlist detailing some of the things that you’d prefer having in your home. This is especially great if you have a tiny tot who likes to put all things small in his or her mouth; directing parents to what is safe for your older child’s birthday means everyone can have fun. 
  • Order refreshments and party favors online to be picked up curbside at a local grocery store. If you’re usually the grocery shopper in your family, your child may be used to picking some things out as you meander down the aisles. By using a curbside pickup, the birthday boy or girl won’t know what you’re purchasing as they sit snug in the car. 
  • Mention food allergies and restrictions in the Evites: if you’re hosting a small gathering, inquire if there are any food allergies so your guests can feel confident when entering your home that there will be safe foods for their child. In the event of a larger gathering, you could consider letting them know some of the food options that will be available. 
    • Not on board with serving food other than a birthday dessert? Strategically plan the party between 1 and 4, the obvious time for lunch to be finished and too early for dinner. Your guests will come prepared. 

A few key tips

To keep the party a surprise until the big day, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the child knows that you’re celebrating their birthday as just a family, and don’t downplay it! This way, they neither become sad that they’ve been forgotten, nor suspicious you’re planning something large. A great way to do this is to have the party a week or two ahead of the actual birthdate.
  • If you share a PC or Mac with your family, make sure to clear the browser after making arrangments! Here’s an easy way to make sure you’re covering your tracks: https://setapp.com/how-to/delete-browsing-history-on-mac.
  • Make sure you’ve told guests where to park so that there isn’t a bunch of cars in your driveway that would throw the surprise off, and consider having a family member take out your birthday boy or girl out for a couple of hours before the party. If you have several children, this is a great way to get them all out of the house in time for you to decorate, put out the cake, and greet guests. 


You may want to consider your child’s personality when planning a surprise; the more gregarious and extroverted a child is, the more they may appreciate a surprise. A more shy or introverted child may appreciate being involved in planning a get-together of just a couple of their closest friends. Another takeaway, if you do throw a surprise party, be prepared that your other kids might want one down the line as well.

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