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Growing up I always heard of Hawaii, of it’s warm beautiful weather; the ideal vacation spot. Getting the opportunity to visit Hawaii seemed like a once in a life time experience.  If this is the only opportunity I ever get to go to O’ahu, then my one and only time in Hawaii was just as incredible as I anticipated it being. The experience was like no other. Hawaii has a different vibe to it. Instead of everyone being in a rush, or grumpy, they were laid back and sent vibes of harmony. No longer do you feel rushed or out of place, the people on the island are easy to get along with, and remember to remind you that you are in Hawaii to relax. At every turn a smiling face to compliment the islands’ breathtaking landscape. Once you get off the plane in Hawaii you’ll understand immediately why it’s one of the top vacation spots in the world. 

1st day afternoon full beach

In Hawaii I had the opportunity to visit  O’ahu, the third largest island in Hawaii. While in O’ahu you will see a love that the people have for the island, it’s simply an incredible experience. For an island that had a large population, the upkeep on the island was immaculate. The clean streets of O’ahu are full from dusk till dawn. Shopping or celebrating and just enjoying every moment while you can.You’ll leave the island in peace and harmony, and with lots of stories to share for many years. 

1st day


(Hilton Hawaiian Village)

After a short ride from the Honolulu International Airport we arrived at our hotel The Outrigger Waikiki. The Outrigger Waikiki on the beach was full of friendly staff, staff that actually wanted to make your stay memorable. From the valet, to room service you are greeted with a smile. The wonderful and smiling personalities you will meet while on your vacation, or even business is sure to leave an everlasting impression. The Outrigger Waikiki beach resort will leave you not only speechless from it’s beautiful beach front view, but keep you busy from it’s endless windows of opportunity. It is impossible to walk through the lobby of the Outrigger Waikiki without finding something that interests you. The beach is literally a walking distance to the Waikiki beach which is accessible from the Outrigger Waikiki Lobby. 


  • Duke’s Waikiki Restaurant

  • Hula Grill Waikiki

  • Chuck’s Steak House

  • Seattle’s Best Coffee

  • Hawaii Sandwich Shop



Destinations Near Outrigger Waikiki

  • 0.8 miles from the Honolulu Zoo
  • 1 mile from Waikiki Aquarium 
  • 1.9 miles from Ala Moana Beach Park



The most important meal of my day, which is breakfast, will never be the same. Waking up in the morning to conveniently going downstairs and eat at an open buffet was bliss. If you are anything like myself when it comes to food, you probably try to get a little of everything. Duke’s Waikiki Restaurant sported a breakfast buffet for champions. To walk away from Duke’s Waikiki hungry should be a crime in itself. Given the chance you should stop at any of these great Restaurants. I found myself asking the waiters and waitress what they recommended, and never found myself disappointed by the decision. Most of the food recommendations had offered some of the most flavorful cuisine I’ve ever eaten. Delicate fish taco’s at the Hula Grill. Or Pounders Restaurant for what should be considered a legendary Banana cream pie, located in the Polynesian Cultural Center. 


If given the opportunity to wake up every day, and my breakfast be from be the same. I would wish for it to be at Duke’s Waikiki open bar breakfast. A large variety of extraordinary combinations from this breakfast bar. I stuck close to home with eggs benedict being the all star. Other than the benedict, you’ll find a variety of flavors from brown rice, fresh eggs, morning potatoes, pancakes, and french toast. I seriously crowned Duke’s Waikiki breakfast king.

fish tacos

Hula Grill: Grilled Fish Taco’s are to die for. Every mouth watering bite had me going back for more. Hula Grill is beach front which made eating there even more fabulous than you can even imagine. 


Alcohol served in a pineapple, the glass was simply excess. This pineapple and amazing recipe gave new meaning to Piña colada. Thanks Hula Grill for this perfectly blended Piña colada!

candied bacon

The plate you see above here is Candied Bacon from Pounders Restaurant. I have never heard of Candied Bacon, yet everyone I’ve spoken to had at least tried this treat once. The crumbled cheese on top, mixed with the bacon, made for one of the most impressive appetizers I’ve had in my life. This was recommended by my waiter. I couldn’t thank him enough!

bruche food


Pounders Restaurant version of the French Dipper. Please Chef come to my home and cook anytime. The Beef broth had a nice mix of salty and sweet. All-in-all this was a great choice, I couldn’t have picked anything better. If a French Dipper is your thing, I’d take the time to find a Pounders Restaurant near you. It is unfortunate that I didn’t capture a picture of the best piece of Banana Cream Pie I’d ever had in my life. With that being said, the Banana Cream Pie is what you are going to want to order for desert, and thank me for later.


Lū‘au at the Polynesian Cultural Center

After walking around and visiting some of the locations, and stores in the Polynesian Cultural Center. You should stop by to get a great history lesson while watching this amazing Luau. The food served hold great meaning to the island, and it’s culture. From a savory bite of roasted pig, to a delicate, and sweet taste of guava cake. Your taste buds will be unable to control themselves as you rush back for more. 


I couldn’t think of any better way to learn about the Hawaiian culture. Given the entertainment is nearly endless once it starts up. This is a better way to enjoy your food then sitting at home with the television on, and your eyes glued to the screen. They serve you food that is commonly found among the Hawaiian culture, but food that is not to exotic for the pallet. If you visit O’ahu than this should be a number one pick for a travel destination on the island. 


O’ahu has beautiful hotels all over the island, with so many to choose from it will be a hard selection. Each individual hotel has it’s own unique feel to O’ahu, and is sure to bring an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world. So if you get the opportunity to visit the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu I hope that my experience can help you make decisions on how you want to spend your time. Regardless your time will be well spent, and full of exciting experiences. My hat is off to you Hawaii, and thank you for an unforgettable memory. I’m sure it won’t be our last time ever meeting. 

We were in Hawaii on my sons birthday, in the picture below a few things are happening. In the first picture, we’re having his birthday dinner. It was amazing! In the second picture, He’s taking time to smell the roses, or should I say ocean. It was just breathtaking and he said he “could have spent the rest of my life there and would have been very content.” In the last photo, this beautiful lady sang Happy Birthday to him and did a beautiful Hawaiian dance as well. Wow, that was one lucky kid! 

visit hawaii

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