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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Mom’s do a lot throughout the year, juggling careers, kids, errands and so much more! Somehow making it look easy. Of course, she deserves something special this year. Whether it is the mother of your children, your own mother, or you are the amazing mom looking to treat herself, a backyard she-shed oasis is a gift that will be appreciated for years to come. This Mother’s Day there is no doubt that it is time mom got a little space of her own. 

Whether you plan on remodeling an existing backyard shed or custom building one with easy to use DIY shed plans, you may need a little inspiration. Check out these 10 one-of-a-kind interior and exterior she-shed designs. 

5 Unique Interior Design Ideas for Mom’s Backyard Shed

Make sure Mom’s personality and passion shine bright when it comes to the interior of her space.

  • Ultimate Sewing Room Retreat

If the mom in your life’s favorite hobby is sewing, then this is sure to impress. The crisp white interior is light, fresh, and inviting with plenty of natural light. White antique furniture and matching shelving add to the classic charm. Simplistic hangers on the back wall make the ideal place to hang sewing scissors and other essential sewing items that you’ll need regularly within easy reach.

  • Fresh Air Oasis

This one-of-a-kind backyard shed is perfect for taking a moment to relax. A full-size bed offers maximum comfort along with shelving for decoration or even books. This unique design features two doors. The first door is a traditional style that can be used for entering and exiting during inclement weather. The second door serves two purposes. First, it can remain closed during harsh temperatures or windy and rainy weather and serve as the fourth wall. Secondly, in nice weather, the door can be opened to allow fresh air in and serve as an awning at the same time to protect the user from damaging UV rays. 

  • Perfect Reading Nook

This is a unique take on an awesome reading corner. Not only do the colors create the perfect contrast, lending itself to a creative look, but the picture in the back is specifically designed to provide depth to the space and make it feel larger. The sliding glass door allows in plenty of natural light. The addition of the hanging chair is not only comfortable for curling up with a good book, but a great place to catch a nap, write, or even play a favorite instrument.

  • Dedicated Art Studio

In order for the creative juices to flow, every artist needs their own dedicated workspace. If the mom in your life uses art as an outlet from the stresses of everyday life, then having her own backyard art studio is one that she will treasure for a lifetime. This backyard shed, turned art studio is chic, modern, and fun. The large workbench gives plenty of space to work. A comfortable couch is a great place for visitors or an alternative space for creating masterpieces. Cabinetry and shelving provide plenty of space for storing art materials and supplies. 

  • The Place for Mom’s Green Thumb

Potting is a natural stress reliever. The natural wooden walls, custom doors add to the earthy atmosphere of the shed making the user feel at one with nature. A custom built-in workbench and custom shelving makes storage a breeze, offers the ideal place to work, and adds to the rustic charm of the interior. Dedicated lighting above the workbench ensures that the potter will be able to clearly see what she is working on. The tile floor beautifully complements the walls and is easy to care for and clean. 

5 Stunning Exteriors for Mom’s Backyard Oasis

Make sure the outside is just as beautiful as the inside with these creative exterior design ideas. 

  • Mom’s Paradise

The exterior of this she-shed is absolutely paradise. The white exterior makes it stand out in perfect contrast with the natural greens and browns of the landscape. The aesthetics are further enhanced with a wooden raised porch perfect for enjoying nice weather. A stone pathway not only adds a resort-like feel but makes the retreat convenient to get to even on rainy days. The beautiful landscaping is easy on the eyes and attracts beautiful creatures such as butterflies, ladybugs, and even birds. 

  • Mom’s Treehouse Escape

If you’re looking to blow her mind, then this stunning exterior shed design is sure to do it. The designer took this she-shed to the next level and made it a beautiful treehouse. Nestled securely between four trees, the exterior features a cozy porch and a hanging bridge to comfortably enter and exit while providing an escape from the everyday stresses of life. The decorative lighting creates an ambiance of being in a completely different world. The natural canopy from the trees above provides natural shade. Mom might be in her backyard, but she will feel like she’s on an exotic island. 

  • Mom’s Rustic Getaway

The architectural detail of the exterior of this custom-designed rustic she-shed is absolutely stunning. The natural wood look lends itself nicely to the woodsy feel of blending with nature. The large, slab front porch allows mom to enjoy the views of nature rain or shine. Soft lighting, large windows, traditional rocking chairs, and strategically placed plants add to the look and feel of this getaway.  

  • Mom’s Easy-to-Maintain Backyard Resort

This simple, yet functional exterior design will make mom smile each and every time. Plant hangers on each window along with bright green floral provide the soothing feels of nature. Dedicated outdoor living space is great for enjoying nice days reading a book, writing, engaging in arts and crafts or even working from home. 

  • Quirky Charm with a Water Feature

Whoever said quirky was a bad thing? Embrace it! This exterior is fun with plenty of character. Pastel colors, and a sitting area on top of a stone slab complete with colorful metal furniture, by itself, instantly makes life a little happier. This designer decided to take it a step further and incorporated a beautiful water feature in the background, complete with a brass fountain made out of recycled musical instruments, a livestock water trough, and exotic water lilies providing shade and protection for the fish below.

A Mother’s Day Mom is Sure to Remember

Whether you choose one of these designs or put your own unique spin on several of them, giving mom her own space this Mother’s Day is a gift that will keep on giving. Ready to look for shed plans? Check and get started on mom’s backyard oasis today!

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