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Facing plumbing obstacles can be any homeowner’s nightmare if you are not well equipped with the skill of being handy with a spanner. Whether you are a new homeowner or an owner of a seasoned one, when the drain pipes of your house get clogged or if one of the pipes springs a leak, the first worry you face is to find a reliable and experienced plumber who will fix the issue rather than make it a bigger problem. 

Luckily for the residents of Chantilly Virginia, the Doherty plumbing site offers a trustworthy solution to all your plumbing needs. They are a well-renowned family-owned business that has existed in the market since 1994. Their staff is well equipped and licensed and uses top-quality parts to fix your problems, eliminating all further issues. 

Whether you are a house owner, are thinking of buying a new house, or even if you are looking for a rental property, there are few signs to look for that can highlight if the house is having any underlying plumbing issues. It is, therefore, a good idea to get a licensed professional to inspect your property before committing or after you have been living in the house for a few years. Few issues and their signs that even you can detect are:  

Discolored pipes: If the pipes are discolored, especially at the joints, it means there is a slow leakage somewhere in the line. As plumbing supply pipes are mostly pressurized, the small leakage can turn into a big problem in a short amount of time. It is, therefore, a good idea to look at the pipe joints carefully of your house. 

Sewage smell in the house: Sewage systems in a house are built with a trap system and vent that prevent sewage gas from leaking back into the house. A slight sewage smell can be an indication that either one of the sewer vents of your house has cracked or one of the sewer traps has run dry. The latter is an easier problem to fix after the location of the dry trap. However, fixing a cracked or broken vent can be a greater issue suitable for a professional to handle. Knowing whom to contact instantly can eliminate a lot of discomfort experienced from smelling the sewerage gas. 

Low water pressure in multiple places in the house: If you are noticing low water pressure in the faucets in multiple places in your residence it implies that there is an underlying issue in the main water line, the lines of the water heating system, or an active leak in the supply line. As mentioned before, water supply lines are pressurized and should have a full flow of water when working perfectly. If these issues are occurring along with another issue such as paint bubbling in the walls it is best to address them as soon as possible as these are urgent issues and not addressing them will lead to bigger problems such as rotting of the house walls and water leaking in the foundation of the house. 

A slow drain: A clogged drain pipe can cause a lot of discomfort to the people living in the house as slow drainage of water means residue build-up from the dirty water standing in the sinks for a long time. It is also the breeding ground for germs and thus not a hygienically ideal situation. Therefore, it’s not a surprising fact that a slow drain pipe indicates a plumbing issue in the house. Depending on which drain is slow, it can be one of two things, a clogged pipe nearer to the drain or an issue much further along the drain line. However, for a professional plumber who knows his way around the pipes, it is no difficult task to fix this issue. 

No water in the winter:  If your water flow completely stops or slows down in the winter, this could indicate the freezing of your water lines, and this is an issue to be dealt with immediately. If left unattended, this issue can lead to cracks in the water lines as when frozen water expands and can force the pipelines to expand and crack. This is a common problem faced by houses that have pipes running through unheated spaces such as attics or crawlspaces. 

Sudden rise in water bill: If you haven’t done anything to cause this spike such as watering your lawn more than usual or fill up a swimming pool, this might be a concerning factor not just for your wallet but also for the house plumbing system. The most common cause of this rise is a running toilet or an undetected leak in a faucet. 

Bubbles of water in the wall or ceiling paint: If there is a bubble forming in the paint of the ceiling or you notice a wall getting wet this can be an indicator that there is a leak somewhere in the internal pipelines of your house. This is an issue to be addressed immediately as ignoring it can cause damage to not only the plumbing of the house but also the walls and foundation.

Colored water: If the water coming from your faucets has discoloration to it, for example, being cloudy or having a yellowish tinge, it can indicate that your pipes either have excessive air and thus the water is being cloudy, or a rust issue if the water has a yellow tinge. Rust in the water lines can cause damage to numerous things such blocking faucets, making your toilets look dirty by slowly building up on the surfaces, cause corrosion in your pots and pans, damage your washer and dryer as well as dishwasher, and most of all cause damage to your health if you intake rusty water. This problem can be an extensive one to fix if it has gone unnoticed for a long time as rust can travel through the water and might have caused damage to a lot of pipes in the plumbing system. 

Taking note of the various plumbing problems a house can encounter, it is beneficial to keep an efficient and reliable plumbing service in mind that you can call within a few hours to get your problems fixed. After you have contacted the plumbing service, their professionals will be visiting your residence and evaluating the issues. 

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