What Should You Do If Your Teen Gets a Minor in Possession Charge


Your teen is a perfect child. He has been acing all his classes. He’s involved in all kinds of extra-curricular activities, and he is largely doing good in his life. He also has a perfect driving record. You know that you have done an excellent job of raising your child.

But one day, you suddenly get a call that your perfect child has been busted for a minor in possession of alcohol or marijuana in CO. What went wrong? How did everything turn around? You always knew he was a good kid but now it seems that it isn’t exactly what you had in mind. What will happen to your teen now?

Minor in Possession charge is something that may sound very intimidating, but the good news is that all of these charges are easily contestable if you have a good defense lawyer on your side. An experienced lawyer can easily turn the situation in your favor and save your child from a lot of problems to come after a MIP charge.

So in other words, the most important thing you should do when your child gets a MIP is to search or call an experienced lawyer that can deal with this immediately.

What Is an Minor in Possession Charge?

Minor in possession charges or MIP charges are a type of juvenile crime that kids under the age of 18 may face if they are ever found possession of alcohol or drugs. In Colorado, the charges are usually issued to educate or spread awareness in the child about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. In other words, they are never severely punished. So in other words, the charges are more based on reformation of the child and not punishment. Some of the most common consequences of a MIP charge include:

  • Mandatory anger or drug management classes
  • Short-term license suspension
  • Community service
  • Marks on their permanent record

Although the consequences are not hard on the teen, things are a bit different if your child is found in possession or alcohol or drugs for the second or third time. For second and third offenses, here are the consequences.

The very same MIP charges can also affect the school record of the child if they are found in possession of alcohol or drug while on the premises of a school. They could face additional administrative consequences from the high school or college depending on the school’s policy against this offense. In other words, your teen could be suspended, go under probation, or even expulsed.

Keeping in mind the severity of these charges, it is very important to hire a minor in possession lawyer immediately. They should be able to help you defend your child against the charges. Just make sure that you are dealing with an experienced lawyer because it is your child’s future in stake.

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