How to Honor Your Loved Ones Once They Are Gone


Losing a loved one is always hard, and one of the most difficult things about the grieving process is worrying that this person who was deeply important will pass unnoticed. Tell the world just a little about the ones you love by honoring their memory while you honor their values.

Do good in their name

Nothing celebrates the legacy of a great person like volunteering for their favorite cause. You’ll find volunteer opportunities everywhere, and you can get other friends and family in on this, too. 

Why not consider a day of volunteer work instead of the traditional memorial service? Ask friends, family, and co-workers who would take the time to come to a funeral to use that time for something else. Ask them to come with you to build homes for the underprivileged, work at a charity, plant some trees, or anything else that would make your loved one proud.

Give them the end they would have wanted

Never in human history have we been so aware of the way our lives affect the planet around us, and each of us hopes to leave the world just a bit better than it was when we arrived. The best time to think about our impact on the Earth is when it’s time to leave it.

Heritage Cremation offers a way for you to honor your loved one’s care for the environment. Traditional burials not only take up valuable space, but the chemicals involved leach into the soil and harm the environment around it. With a cremation, no trees will be felled to build a casket, either.

Adopt a highway in your loved one’s name

For a lasting legacy, consider adopting a stretch of highway in the name of someone you want to honor. This could be especially appropriate for anyone who loved to take road trips or who was concerned about the environment.

Every state has different rules about adopting a highway, but it usually involves committing to pick up litter along your stretch a couple of times a year. Doing this also saves taxpayer money; and everyone who drives by will know your loved one’s name.

Make their achievements public

If your loved one has created a painting, a poem, a story, or even a recipe, don’t keep it in the family. Show others how talented and creative this special person was by publishing the work.

Many options for self-published books and poems are available these days. You can also license a piece of artwork on your own by making it into a limited edition print. For recipes, consider making and printing a cookbook interspersed with pictures highlighting key moments in your loved one’s life.

Sponsor a bench at their favorite spot

Many parks are happy to allow you to sponsor a seating area in someone’s name. The bench or other seating could be there for generations, telling every visitor just how much your loved one appreciated this spot.

Some churches with graveyards or gardens are also happy to let you put in memorial seating. If the person you want to memorialize was committed to a faith, this nod to their values is perfect.

Live your life

At the end of the day, the best way of showing honor to the people who have passed is by living your own life in a way that would make them happy and proud.

You know the person you’re missing would want you to be happy and successful. Go have adventures and remember them as you do. Finish your schooling; or even go back for more, and become the person your loved one always believed you would be.

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