6 Tips for Taking the Family to Mexico


When thinking of traveling to Mexico, you often imagine it as more of an adult vacation destination, but Mexico has a lot to offer and is a great destination for families to travel too as well.  There are lots of Mexican cultures, beaches, and excursions for everyone to enjoy in this sunny, warm, vibrant Latin American destinations. Vacations as a family can be daunting at times but are great for making memories that last a lifetime with your little ones. 

Here are six tips for taking your family to Mexico for a stress-free vacation:

  1. Have Documentation in Order

Traveling to another country by yourself can be intimidating, let alone with kids, but being prepared ahead of time can help relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety of traveling. Start the process off right by making sure every family member’s passport is valid for at least 6 more months from the travel date.  Make copies of all important travel documentation, scan and email a copy to yourself, along with contact information of your consulate in case you need anything. Leave a copy of important travel documents, and itinerary with someone at home. It’s important to make sure everyone in the family has up-to-date vaccinations before the vacation.

Another item to consider is maybe having a bracelet on your children with your contact information, in case they were ever to wander off. All these items help relieve some stress when it comes to traveling with your kids.

  1. Family Beach Vacation

At this stage, you know that your travel documentation is up to date, now it’s time to decide where you want to stay.  It’s recommended to always do your research and read as many reviews as you can when researching a spot for your family to vacation.  There are family-friendly resorts, and rental villas, such as Tulum Mexico villas that provide you with a beautiful place to stay on the beach.  Again, do some research; make sure where your booking in Mexico has suitable beaches for kids.

  1. Book Transportation Beforehand

Traveling with kids is stressful. When your flight arrives in Mexico, you and the kids are going to be tired from flying and the only thing you’ll want to do is get to your hotel or villa and start enjoying the sunshine. Avoid the wait, and hassle of salespeople by pre-booking your airport transfer. Having your transportation pre-booked just relieves the stress of waiting for someone. If pre-booked, you know that someone will be waiting for you, with a sign, and able to help with your luggage. When booking ahead of time, be sure to mention a baby seat, if you need one.

  1. Drinking the Water

Drinking tap water in Mexico could lead to bad tummy-ache. It’s important for yourself to remember to drink bottled water while on vacation and to make sure your children are drinking bottled water. The best way to keep them hydrated with filtered water is always by letting them keep their own water bottle.  Keeping bottled water on hand can make all the difference in your trip. Make sure to keep hydrated there is lots of sunshine and activities which means that you can become dehydrated quicker. The water from the faucet is potable and okay for brushing teeth.

  1. Pack What You Nee

It’s easy to overpack for vacation. The easiest way to pack is to make a list for each family member; you’ll need comfortable, shorts and tanks tops with breathable material, bathing suits, sandals, one long-sleeved shirt, and pants for when temperatures cool. Make room for items, like color books, crayons, or a tablet for when they need to wind down. Hats, sunscreen, bug repellant, Gravol, Pepto, Tylenol, aloe Vera are all important to remember to bring, as well as your regular amenities. If you forget something, it is convenient to access a supermarket or pharmacy to purchase anything you may need.

  1. Choose Excursions for your Family

Do your research ahead of time on excursions you might be interested in doing as a family. There are lots of tours and activities for your family to do in Mexico, from whale watching to zip-lining through the jungle canopy. Some popular family attractions to look at are Captain Hook Dinner Cruise, Ventura Park, Parque Las Palapas, El Rey Ruins & Museo Maya de Cancun, Catamaran Tour, and hit the beach. Even exploring the cities and experiencing Mexican culture creates life-time memories for your family.

Something to Think About

At the end of the day, not everything is in your control, but doing your research and a little pre-planning before your trip will help alleviate some of the stress and headache. Remember family vacations are for making fun, once in a lifetime memory with your children. Enjoy your vacation!


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