9 Airlines That Allow Pets and Other Useful Facts You Need to Know


One of the drawbacks of traveling is having to leave your loyal pet behind. Not to mention, finding an affordable yet trustworthy pet sitter is a challenge. Fortunately, airlines are allowing more four-legged friends to take flight with their owner! Flying with pets has become easier than ever! If you have big plans coming up and you don’t want to leave your pooch at home, check out these great airlines that make special accommodations for pets.

  1. Air Canada
    Air Canada allows small dogs and cats to fly with their owners. If your pet is over 22 pounds, unfortunately, they can’t fly with you. The additional cost for a four-legged friend varies from $50 to $100. If your pet weighs more than the allotted amount, check with this airline to see if they can make some arrangements.
    2. Air France
    Now, France is a little strict with their guidelines. However, they do allow pets under 17 pounds. The catch is, you cannot fly in the business cabin with your pets. If you have a business class ticket, your pet must go in the storage hold. They’re also a bit pricey when compared to Air Canada. If you’re leaving from the United States, you’re paying roughly $200 for your pet to fly with you.
    3. American Airlines
    American Airlines seems to compromise when it comes to the weight of the animal. 20 pounds is the maximum weight for your pet and carrier. It costs $125 for each departing and incoming ticket. So, you’re looking at about $250 for a roundtrip ticket. There are also specific aircraft’s that don’t allow pets at all. Check with your particular line to see what their stance is.
    4. Delta
    If your dog or cat is hefty, feel free to bring them on Delta airlines. There’s no weight limit which makes traveling convenient. However, you could pay up to $200, both ways, to get your pet on the flight. They also have a few restrictions that are noteworthy and may help you make the decision to bring your pet or not.
    5. JetBlue
    JetBlue allows you to bring your pet up to 20 pounds. They have very specific dimensional requirements that pets must meet in order to enter the plane. For $100 each way, your pet could be flying high right next to you.
    6. Southwest
    This is no weight limit when it comes to animals flying with Southwest. In addition, the fare is $95 leaving and returning. This is a great deal that lets pet owners bring their fur babies without breaking the bank. They do ask that you not bring pets to Jamaica.
    7. United
    United has no weight requirement. However, you have to pay for each flight- up o $125 even if there’s a layover. This could add up if you’re traveling internationally.
    8. Alaska Air
    Interestingly, you can carry birds and rabbits with Alaska air. The catch is, they can’t exceed 20 pounds. It’s about $100 each way and you’re allowed to take your pets internationally.
    9. Astra Airlines
    Finally, Astra Airlines accepts dogs and cats. However, they ask that you contact the airline directly to learn about the specific requirements.

    Traveling with your pet can be a fun experience for you. However, how does your pet feel about taking flight? Naturally, they may be nervous due to the new environment. It’s completely natural for your pet to have anxiety entering a new place. If you’re wondering what you should do prior to flying with your pet, check out these tips that’ll make the process a bit easier.
    Check With Your Vet
    It’s always wise to check with your vet prior to taking your pet on an international trip. Certain breeds have physical characteristics that limit their ability to breathe. Such include bulldogs and pugs. Those short nostrils are cute to look at, but they don’t allow a substantial amount of oxygen to flow. Therefore, consult with your vet to see if there is anything holding you back from bringing your pet.

    Double Check With the Airlines

    Even if your dog meets the weight requirements, certain airlines restrict specific breeds due to the reasons listed above. It’s always wise to make a phone call prior to paying for your pet just to make sure they’re good to travel.

    Train Your Pet

If your dog isn’t accustomed to a kennel, it’s wise to get them used to spend hours on end confined in a small space. International flights can range from three to twelve hours; sometimes more depending on where you’re going. Make sure your animal is comfortable being in a crate and won’t experience any anxiety.

Bring Puppy Pads

You may think your pet has outgrown those dreaded pads. However, they’re essential on a flight. Your pet won’t have a designated area to relieve themselves. Therefore, pack puppy pads in your suitcase. This tip is great for cats too as they’re attracted to the scent. It may be wise to get your pet accustomed again to using these pads a month or two before the trip.

Give them CBD Oil

CBD oil is awesome for pets for a variety of reasons. However, when flying, this natural sedative will help your pet remain calm during a long flight. If they’re new to taking CBD, they may sleep for the duration of the flight. This’ll help them manage their anxiety and remain calm during the flight.

Request an Early Board

It’s best to get yourself and your pet situated before the craziness of your flight ensues. Ask your flight managers if you’re able to board early. Some may allow you to do this free of charge. This will help you and your pet feel comfortable about where you’ll be for a while.

As always, travel with your pets’ documents just in case you’re stopped or encounter an emergency. The key to making this work is to plan ahead and accordingly. Traveling with pets is far more complicated than traveling with children. Therefore, remain calm, do your research and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your trip with your best friend.

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