8 Topics to Learn About to Bond With Your Dad


Bonding with someone is much easier when you share the same interests. You might easily converse with friends over the latest pop culture drama or what recently debuted on streaming services. Chatting with your dad likely feels different. These are eight topics to learn about to bond with your dad so your age gap or shared history doesn’t stand in your way.

1. The Basics of Fishing

Many older men enjoy fishing. It’s a quiet hobby that gives them a short-term escape from the world. Your dad might learn about all the local fish he could catch or keep an extensive lure collection. If you visit him with a brand new fishing pole, you can use your newfound knowledge to head out on the river with him and practice the hobby together.

2. Easy Chess Strategies

You don’t need a lifetime of lessons to play your dad in chess. Brush up on basic beginning moves and strategies so you can hold your own on the board. He’ll love spending time with you by playing his favorite game — especially if he happens to win more often than not while you practice.

It’s easier to bond with someone who feels distant when you can keep your hands busy. Chess gives you a specific place to focus your attention and makes it easier to feel comfortable opening up. You won’t have to worry about constant direct eye contact. You can also use the board as an excuse to break awkward silences or switch topics.

3. The History of Corvettes

If your dad can’t get enough time at car shows, learning about the history of his dream car can jumpstart many future bonding moments. Impress him by casually mentioning how the second generation of Corvettes used a Ramjet fuel injection system to reach 283 horsepower. Even mentioning changes in body styles for famous classic cars will pique your dad’s interest.

4. Home-Based Beer Brewing

Brewing beer is an old hobby that men love because you set everything up and forget about it for a while. Your dad might have an old kit under the house or daydream about creating his own craft beer. Get him a kit that you can use together to bond over brewing without requiring a big budget.

Homebrewing is a better option for people who have extra space away from the family to put everything. The mixture will actively ferment and produce a yeasty aroma that may smell terrible if it’s constantly invading the living room or bedroom. Set up a brewing kit in a hall closet or empty bedroom until the fermenting process finishes.

5. Bodybuilding Workout Routines

Your dad proudly writes his daily bodybuilding routine on a whiteboard in his home gym or attends workout classes with friends. Jump into his favorite activity by testing your skills alongside him. You may not be able to deadlift as many plates, but the effort will show how much you care.

6. Any Traditional Sport

Traditional sports marketing targets male audiences for a reason. Men are 66% more likely to love sports than women, likely because the activities involve stereotypically male traits like pushing your physical limits and conquering foes on the field. 

Consider which sports your dad loves to attend or watch at home. Study his favorite team, learn the terminology and read about the team’s latest victories. You’ll have plenty to talk about during your next afternoon together. Your dad might even get so enthusiastic about the subject that he’ll lead the conversation.

7. Classic Popular Books

It’s always easy to talk with someone while they reminisce about favorite pastimes. If your dad loved to read or always has a book on his nightstand, find which books he may have been passionate about while growing up. He may have fallen in love with The Lord of the Rings trilogy or books from Stephen King or Kurt Vonnegut. 

Spend your free time reading books your dad has mentioned from his childhood or more recent years. If you don’t like to read, most books have detailed summaries that will catch you up to speed. Your dad will appreciate talking about books that he held close to his heart as you both bond over dinner or an evening walk.

8. Major Historical Events

Dads often enjoy diving into historical accounts of major world events. Your father might watch every new weekend special about WWII or pick up biographies at the library to learn about Civil War heroes. He may have a special connection to events through family members who served in the military or experienced the events firsthand.

Memorize the basics of a historical event your dad can’t get enough of and bring it up when you see him. He’ll likely take over the conversation and be thrilled that you want to indulge one of his favorite topics.

Bond With Your Dad

Select from these popular topics to learn about to bond with your dad. You’ll find one or two new things to try during your next phone call or visit that will deepen your relationship and pull you closer together.

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