8 Reasons Why Your Garden Needs Native Australian Plants


When designing your garden, don’t overlook the benefits of adding native Australian plants. Beginner gardeners find native plants easier to grow and maintain. Experienced gardeners appreciate how native plants thrive in their gardens. With an online nursery in Australia, you can find native plants for your garden. 

  • Beautiful Blooms

Native plants bloom throughout the year, providing plenty of colour in Australian gardens. To get the most out of your garden, choose plants that bloom at different times throughout the season. Choose flowers in your favorite colours to create a gorgeous garden in your favorite colour or a rainbow of colours 

  • Thousands of Versatile Plants

Gardeners can choose from thousands of native plants that include shady trees, gentle grasses, and colourful perennials. Native plants enjoy the environmental conditions throughout Australia and they thrive when planted near other native plants. 

  • Adapted to Extreme Australian Weather

Australian weather can reach extremes, especially during the summer. Native Australian plants are adapted to the weather on the continent, so they require less maintenance than non-native plants that require less extreme conditions. 

Native plants rely on the weather to provide sustenance, while non-native plants rely on gardeners. When you choose non-native plants, you don’t have to worry about constant watering, as most Australian plants thrive in excessive heat and minimal watering. After planting native plants, you’ll want to give them extra water, but once they become established, they’ll do fine in the natural Australian conditions. 

  • Minimal Maintenance Benefits the Environment

Native plants are hassle-free, requiring minimal maintenance so you can save money and help the environment. They don’t need regular watering, which is an important feature in areas that experience drought. 

At the most, gardeners might need to add some low-phosphorus fertilizer. Avoid any fertilizer with more than 3% phosphorus as it could damage the roots. You might notice that your native plants need occasional pruning unless you like the way bushy plants and shrubs look in your garden. 

  • Stick With Local Varieties

The best native plants are those native to your local region. They thrive in the unique climates around the continent and help gardeners establish a robust yard. 

  • Encourage Wildlife to Visit

When you add native plants to your garden, you’ll start to see more native wildlife come to visit. Birds will visit your garden to eat seeds and insects and set up their nests. Native birds make your garden lively, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the colour and sounds they bring. 

  • Creating a Sustainable Outdoor Space

With climate change affecting the entire planet, sustainability matters. When you add native plants to your garden, you help maintain biodiversity, stabilize the soil, and reduce water use. Small efforts like this help fight climate change, as your acts encourage neighbors to do the same. 

  • Preserving History 

Indigenous Australians relied on native plants for sustenance and medicine. Preserving these plants in local gardens makes them available for future generations. If you take the time to learn about native plants, you can share that information with your children and neighbors.

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