Which Type of Baby Wipes Are Safest for Your Child?


It’s no small task being mindful of all the potential dangers for young children. It becomes even more difficult when everyday products we need and trust end up not being the best for your family. 

Now more than ever parents are aware of ingredients that can cause skin irritations or other problems by using baby wipes. When choosing an essential item that is used daily, a parent should really consider which type of baby wipe is safest. 

Safe for Them

The first and foremost concern is obviously which wipe is safest for your child. You want to avoid a label listing a ton of ingredients you cannot pronounce or spell. In fact, you should choose a baby wipe based on what’s not in it.

A baby wipe made by Coterie is made of 99% water, making it a “bath on the go.” That is the type of ingredient you want to see in a baby wipe, nothing harsh that can irritate a baby’s skin.

This particular wipe has only five other ingredients. Vitamin E and glycerin are two ingredients used for skincare. Three gentle preservatives, citric acid, sodium benzoate and hydroxy acetophenone are used to ensure the product stays safe before and during use.  

Pediatricians understand that newborn baby skin requires the purest of ingredients, especially since they are prone to eczema. A wipe that touches your baby’s skin multiple times a day should be free of fragrance, dye and parabens. 

Safe for You

Your skin is also exposed to harsh chemicals and irritants when using baby products that contain them. A baby wipe made of 99% water and only five gentle ingredients is going to prevent your hands from discomfort. This is just as important especially since you are always handling and touching your child. 

Another thing to consider is the size of the baby wipe. Although it may seem more economical to use smaller wipes, we often end up using several to do the job that one should be able to handle. This becomes wasteful very quickly and doesn’t take long to become quite an expense. 

A baby wipe that is 20% larger, will be more durable and complete the job without having to use extras. Keeping your hands clean when washing up your baby is important to avoid spreading germs. A larger wipe keeps your hands clean, uses less material, and produces less waste overall. 

Safe for Everyone

A more efficient and better designed baby wipe will get the job done with one sheet versus a waste of several with an inferior product. In your decision process of choosing a baby wipe, you can consider the environmental footprint they leave. Look for a compostable, 100% plant-based fiber that is more Earth friendly and contains no plastics, latex, dyes or chlorine bleaching. 

Did you know that the majority of baby wipes are made out of plastic? Some companies are using a more advanced, cellulosic fabric called VEOCEL™, keeping their wipes 100% plant-based. This material came from renewable wood sources and is all natural. It makes the baby wipe decompose faster than an apple. 

Choose a company that is third-party tested and approved and review their safety reports. An organization that produces a quality product should have no trouble being completely transparent in their process. 

Safe for the Future

As a parent, your child’s future and their safety are always on your mind. You can feel better choosing products for your child from a company knowing they are thinking about your child’s future as well.

A forward thinking company knows that no disposable diaper is 100% environmentally friendly – yet. Since the only completely natural choice is no diapers at all, the quest to improve upon them continues. 

It may seem overwhelming to parents and baffling to outsiders to know that so much consideration goes into a choice like picking a baby wipe. You know however, that your baby’s skin is sensitive and needs to be exposed to only the most gentle ingredients. Since babies are prone to skin irritations and rashes early-on, a baby wipe can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. 

While safety is important for the child, it matters just as much that parents don’t irritate their skin when using baby wipes too. More so, you want a baby wipe that is thick and protects your hands from germs and prevents spreading them back to your child.

Considering the future environment is another important aspect in choosing products for your child, since they are the ones that will be living in it. Utilizing sustainable, earth-friendly, and natural ingredients for baby products is what will keep things on track. 

Think wisely and you are sure to choose the safest baby wipe for your child.

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Great tip for parents!! VEOCEL(TM) is a cellulosic fiber, the fabric is made by the manufacturer for the brand. Its a great alternative to plastic based wipes.