8 Reasons to Take a Last Minute Trip Before School Starts


Back-to-school season is approaching, and many kids are reluctant to say goodbye to their summer full of freedom. One last vacation may be just the answer to get your kids excited for the classroom again. Though you may not have much time to plan, sometimes the best trips are the ones taken spontaneously. Plus, vacation isn’t just for vacation’s sake — a last-minute trip before school has plenty of benefits for you and your kids.

1. A Great Story to Tell

If your children are young enough for show-and-tell, they can take a souvenir or photo of a memory from the vacation into school with them. That way, their stories of what they did over the summer will be a hit. Older kids may also get to make friends by sharing their stories of all the cool things they did over their last vacation before summer ended. It gives your kids something to talk about, and, in turn, that can help them increase their social skills.

2. Cheaper Travel

You may find that certain travel components are cheaper when you book them closer to your arrival date. Though many forms of travel might be more affordable at the last moment, such as accommodations that hotels want to fill, things like airline tickets will have skyrocketed in price, so if you’re planning to fly, buy the tickets far ahead of time. Search for deals whenever you can, and after a few last-minute trips, you’ll learn just how to plan one almost spontaneously without breaking your budget.

3. Can Ease the Transition

Sometimes, children can experience a significant shock jumping right from summer vacation into the school year. While you might think that a break can just add to the stress of jumping from one extreme to the other, it can actually serve as a peaceful transition between two crucial parts of your children’s lives. 

Wherever you go on vacation, aim to include at least one educational attraction. If your kids haven’t pushed themselves to learn during the break, an educational destination will help adjust their brains back to learning mode. They might realize that they missed learning over the summer and look forward to learning new things in their classes for the upcoming year.

4. Breaks Up the Back-to-School Shopping

When you go on a trip, you’ll be more preoccupied with buying souvenirs than back-to-school items. If you’ve already tired yourself and your kids out with back-to-school shopping, a miniature vacation will be a welcome rest for everyone who has gone shopping for supplies. While school supplies can be fun, nothing quite matches the thrill of going on vacation. Then, when you return, you can continue shopping for everything your kids don’t have yet.

5. Learn Something New

Your kids have the chance to learn something new when they’re not in school, too. Taking a last-minute trip before school starts gives your children the opportunity to learn new things as they navigate the world around them or learn about the rich biodiversity or history of an area. They might also develop fine motor skills or learn how to socialize better with people of all ages. Whether they’re learning academically or via experience, your children will never stop growing as long as they have something to do and things to learn.

6. A Final Summer Send-Off

One last vacation is a great way to get your kids to say goodbye to summertime. Instead of having a monotonous end to summer, if you take them on vacation, they have a great memory to end the season with and to carry into the school year. Think of this vacation as a celebration of summer and all the fun you had with your family. Then, you can say goodbye to the summer without any regrets and get prepared to enter the next season of your life.

7. Relieves Stress

Kids can have all sorts of anxiety about the upcoming school year. Some of the most common stressors are wondering whether teachers or peers will like them, or living up to the expectation that they’ll need to receive good grades. Taking a vacation just before the school year begins can allow them to eliminate that anxiety or significantly reduce it. They may also take time to think through their fears rationally, and you’ll have time with them to talk them through it and offer any help you can.

8. A Chance to Get Out in Nature

Many vacations stress the importance of getting outside and being one with nature. Depending on your destination, your kids could benefit from getting some time outside. Spending time in nature can relieve stress, making it a perfect opportunity for your little ones to tackle the school year with refreshed minds. Your kids are bound to love an adventure in nature, as it allows them to explore a brand-new place to them. Try finding something to do on vacation that gets them outdoors — their stress levels may just drop as a result.

End the Summer With a Bash

One last party can make your kids comfortable with saying goodbye to summer. Take them on a fun trip — it doesn’t matter if you stay close to home or go all-out for your destination. The small break before school starts can help your children get the last bit of vacation out of their systems and prepare for a year full of learning. Because the vacation will allow them to clear their brains, you can bet that your children will make the most of it and create long-lasting, fond memories.

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