A Look At The Top Snorkeling Destinations From Around The World


Are you dreaming of a tropical vacation? Snorkeling is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the animals and habitats that inhibit a tropical destination. This is also an activity the whole family can enjoy!

Keep reading for the most amazing snorkeling destinations that will help you plan your next vacation.

Costa Rica

This beautiful tropical destination is a great place to travel, as it is so easy to access from the Americas. The snorkeling is best in Isla del Cocos, which is also conveniently located close to the islands only natural rainforest.

The underwater terrain is beautiful, complete with caves and reefs. Here, you will see amazing underwater wildlife, from manta rays to bottlenose dolphins and schools of hammerhead sharks. Learn about the history of the pirates who used the island as a hideout along the way.

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos is an amazing place to observe wildlife you won’t find anywhere else, which makes it one of the best snorkel destinations. If you’re traveling with kids, this is a sure destination that will wow them, as well as educate them.

While there are many different snorkeling areas around the Galapagos, the most popular is Devil’s Crown. With wildlife swimming amongst an eroded volcanic crater, it makes for a truly majestic adventure.

If the kids want to see sea turtles, tons of colorful fish, and manta rays, this is a great option for your family. Nothing beats getting to teach your kids about evolution like seeing where Darwin wrote his theories. The kids will love getting to see playful animals like sea lions and even penguins.


Hawaii is a beautiful vacation spot, with tons to see and do. Snorkeling is best at Kealakekua Bay, located on the Big Island.

This scenic area is protected, so getting there means traversing jungle paths or kayaking. With colorful coral and fish, and pools of dolphins, this is a great way to become truly immersed in untouched nature.

Bora Bora

If you’re looking for sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters, this is the place to be. The Bora Bora Lagoon has shallow waters that allow you to get up close and personal with wildlife, such as sharks and rays. There is an array of colorful fish and sea turtles to observe in the sunlit waters.

Dominican Republic

If you want the adventure of a lifetime exploring the Carribean Sea, this may be the trip of your dreams. Snorkeling is especially amazing in Silver Bank, an area known for humpback whale sightings. The best time for seeing the humpback whale is between December and April, as it is their mating season.


Los Cabos, Mexico has one of the oldest coral reefs in the world and is highly protected. If the vibrant and vast reefs weren’t already enough, the reefs are also home to over 800 specifies of wildlife.

This is a great place to explore an expanse coral reef and see fish like parrot and angelfish. You’ll also be able to spot some sharks and dolphins.

Papua New Guinea

Just North of Australia, Madang, Papua New Guinea is a wonder to explore. This remote destination is an offshore island, with colorful reefs.

Nearby are WWII wreck remains for divers that are interested. In this area, you will see nurse sharks, tuna, barracuda and more. This is a great place to explore that isn’t overrun by tourism.

The Carribean

If you want snorkeling along with time to relax on gorgeous beaches, St. Kitts, in The Carribean is the spot for you. With year-round perfectly warm weather, this is a great option no matter what time of year your traveling. Tropical forests surround the gorgeous beaches, leaving something for everyone to explore.

White House Bay is great for anyone interested in seeing fish swim between the remains of shipwrecks. Charters are available for those who want to see even more deep sea.


Located Southwest of India, Maldives offers some of the most picture-perfect islands in the world. Surrounded by sky blue waters that are home to manta rays and octopi, this is a great way to explore one of the largest reefs in the Indian Ocean.


The Great Barrier Reefs in Australia are so widely known for a reason. As the largest reef in the world, the amount of fish and coral you will encounter is jaw-dropping.

The water is always warm, which is attributed to climate change, which scientists predict may leave the reefs extinct by 2050. Get a chance to see this wonder before it may sadly be gone.


The Komodo National Park is a must-see, as it’s home to one of the only places you can see the komodo dragon in nature, but its amazing snorkeling is another activity to embark on.

The coral here is flourishing due to the heavy protection of this historical site. Cold water flushes nutrients in, keeping wildlife fed and widely prevalent. This is a great option to feel like you are in a whole other world.  

Snorkeling Destinations Around The World

There are so many amazing snorkeling destinations around the world that can make your trip amazing. Being able to immerse yourself in the underwater beauty of these destinations by swimming along with wildlife and coral reefs will make for a memorable vacation the whole family can enjoy.

For more on traveling, alone or with kids, head to our site where we have tons of advice to help you book your next vacation.

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