5 Philly Areas Colleges for Your Teen to Consider


Philadelphia has many colleges and universities for your teen to choose from. So, how do you know which ones to consider based on what your teen wants to do? Fret not because we have some darling universities that will make the decision much more straightforward than you think. 

Learning about how colleges rank and how well of a fit they would be for your teen is essential in choosing the right school. With so many programs and avenues of higher education to consider, it can be challenging to ensure your teen is making the right choice. Let’s explore some of the top universities in Philadephia for your teen to consider. 

Philadelphia College Scholarships

If your teen is considering colleges in the Philadelphia area, there are many scholarship and grant opportunities for them to apply and choose from! Don’t let funding get in the way of your teen’s dream school that is perfect for them. Research scholarship opportunities and devote the time to apply to as many as possible. 

Take advantage of these opportunities to save big on tuition and learning expenses. Drexel University, Temple and the University of Pennsylvania all offer scholarships that your teen can easily apply for online. This can make the process seamless and straightforward for your teen. 

Westminster Theological Seminary offers funding through scholarships in its application process. Chestnut Hill College has a scholarship program available to all high school students who meet the criteria and apply to their university. 

1. Chestnut Hill College 

Chestnut Hill College is a Catholic college in Philadelphia that appeals to every Harry Potter fan with its exterior aesthetic. The architecture of the buildings appears to be taken straight out of Hogwarts and placed in Pennsylvania. The structure of the buildings lures “Potterheads” from all over the world. 

In addition to its outward appearance, Chestnut Hill College is a private university that offers student-centered programs that cater to its students’ growth and intellectual development. Chestnut Hill provides a variety of fields of study that will allow its students to enter their chosen professions with confidence and a unique and inclusive skill set. 

2. Westminster Theological Seminary

Westminster Theological Seminary exists to train specialists in the Bible to proclaim the whole counsel of God for Christ and his global church.

Princeton chose a more liberal approach during the Fundamentalist-Modernist dispute, so some faculty branched off and created their seminary. Westminster aims to train students in the Bible for ministry purposes. They train specialists in the Bible by incorporating scripture study in original languages, biblical counseling and covenantal apologetics across all disciplines. 

3. Drexel University 

Drexel University is one of the largest private universities in the U.S., with over 24,000 students. Drexel receives almost $166 million in funding that they use for scholarly research. This research is tailored primarily toward cancer and psychology research. 

Drexel led a fundraising campaign that raised over $800 million for the university, with $214 million going toward student success through scholarships and fellowships. This funding provides students with more resources to advance their education. Drexel students are armed with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to carve their distinct pathway to academic, personal and professional success.  

4. University of Pennsylvania

Penn, also known as the University of Pennsylvania prides itself on its academic excellence. Penn provides students with the opportunity to excel in all areas of their pursuits in academia. Penn is an inclusive college that offers equal opportunity to all students and faculty from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Penn is grounded in sciences and liberal arts and offers 12 graduate programs and four undergraduate schools. The 12 schools that Penn offers are some of the top-rated universities in the world. Additionally, Penn provides global initiatives to student engagement and leadership through learning. 

5. Temple University 

Temple University is a public college that has inherited the nickname “diversity university.” Temple provides a unique experience. With Welcome Week comes a festival called Temple Fest that allows students to make connections with each other. There are other activities offered that make Temple stand out among other universities. 

Owl Around The World and Hoot Paranormal that presents ghosts of alumni’s past included.  Nursing, journalism and business majors at Temple are the most widely known, but they offer 140 majors for students to choose from. Temple has high rankings in their academics for a pretty low price compared to other university tuitions. 

Philly Area Colleges

There are so many colleges in the Philadelphia area that have unique and different academic opportunities for students. It’s all about finding the program that resonates with you and aligns with your goals and interests on your career path. 

Suppose you’re unsure what path you want to take professionally. In that case, there are many inclusive programs available through undergraduate programs that offer guidance and support for finding your passion and laying the foundation of your educational journey.

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