8 Great Gift Ideas for a 50th Birthday


Anyone else noticed that the older people become, the touchier they get at birthday time? Instead of tiptoeing around the big 5-0, hit it head on! Make light of your age by totally poking fun at it – having a prehistoric themed party, or dressing as geriatrics, and make fifty fun with these great 50th birthday gift ideas from http://www.spencersonline.com/:


Not necessarily an “old guy” thing, but a cool way to stay hip – literally! There are a huge variety of novelty flasks which would make great 50th birthday gift ideas, this one is my personal favorite. Perfect for the dads, brothers and uncles in our lives!



Mum not feeling too flash about her impending fiftieth? Remind her that it’s not the end of the world, with this book by Barbara Hannah Grufferman – expert on all things after 50! The book has key focuses on health, money, sex etc, and is probably one of the more serious gift options – but indeed a good option in a 50th freak out!

If you’re not all that worried, but are interested in hearing some of the sage wisdom that (supposedly) comes with age, check out Old is the New Young too – for a collection of quotes and anecdotes about age, in a “Keep Calm and Carry On” style.




The perfect gag gift for a 50th party – your own personal inflatable walker! No ol’ folks party is complete without one. Careful though, it won’t help you stand when the night is wearing thin and the bar-tab has been swallowed.



Old people sleep a lot, right? Not these ones! Get Mum loaded up on coffee in her own 50th novelty mug. Sure, it’ll remind her and everyone around her what her age is, but when the caffeine hits she’ll hardly notice!


Med Alert

In case you fall over and nobody can hear your cries, this medical alert whistle is a hilarious gag gift. (With a touch of seriousness of course) The youngin’s will come a runnin’!


Toilet Target

Will the embarrassment that comes with age ever fade? Probably not, well, especially not, with this toilet target. Make your old man feel a little more pain in his age by suggesting his aim could do with a little work.


Countdown Clock

We tend to focus on the negatives with milestone birthdays – but let’s face, 50 is that much closer to 60, and before you know it – BOOM, retirement! Be reminded of what little time you have left as a corporate servant with this countdown to retirement clock. Remember, turning 50 might sting, but you’ll be the one laughing when you’re lounging on a beach with a mojito.



It can be hard picturing the future when you struggle to remember last week, we understand. So this fortune teller is perfect for those approaching the hill, and the ones who have climbed it already and have forgotten!


It’s pretty obvious with these hilarious 50th birthday gift ideas that the big 5-0 is nothing to be laughed at, only laughed with!

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