7 Ways To Deep Clean Your Bathroom


It is no surprise that bathrooms are home to millions of harmful bacteria. Left untreated, the bathroom could be a place that makes any inhabitants or visitors in your home sick. Whether you want to divide your cleaning tasks up over a course of several days, or prefer to tackle it all in one go, here are several ways for ensuring your bathroom is thoroughly cleaned.

1. Vents/Fans

Vents collect harmful particles and airborne bacteria. First, turn off the circuit breaker. Remove the fan cover and soak it in a solution of warm water and dish soap. Grab a vacuum with a nozzle attachment and directly clean the blades – now use a damp cloth to wipe them down.

2. Shower

How many people on a given day use that showerhead? Did you know that millions of germs (called mycobacterium avium, which is linked to pulmonary disease), live inside your showerhead? To take care of this vile problem, pour white vinegar into a plastic grocery bag and tie it around the nozzle. Leave the bag on overnight.

3. Sink

Many studies have revealed that sinks are often dirtier than toilets. Wipe faucets down with a disposable disinfectant wipe (such as Lysol wipes used by many cleaning services) on a daily basis. In order to take care of the millions of bacteria living inside the drain, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. Wait for a few minutes, and pour vinegar down the drain until the mixture fizzes up like a volcano. After 10 minutes, turn on the piping-hot water and let it run for several minutes.

4. Hand Towels

Towels that everyone uses traps moisture, which gives birth to moisture, creating mildew and an unpleasant odour. Therefore, replace these towels with fresh, clean ones every 3 days. Put the used hand towels in the “sanitizing” setting in your washing machine, or use 1/2 solution of bleach during the wash.

5. Grout

Grout is extremely susceptible to bacteria growth (from condensation, humidity, etc.). Open the windows and turn on any fans you have – we are going to be working with bleach. First, pour bleach into an empty cup. Then grab an unused toothbrush, and dip it in the cup of bleach. Clean every inch of grout.

6. Toilet

Toilets are nasty. To clean the inside of your bowl, dump a can (or bottle) of Coca Cola inside the bowl. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes (the longer, the more thoroughly it cleans). After enough time’s passed, simply flush and watch all the gross stains in the bowl dissolve. Now, spray the entire outside of the toilet with an all-purpose mixture to kill any remaining E. coli or other harmful bacteria.

7. Walls and Ceiling

Dirt and dead skin cells leave behind a microscopic film, which can potentially cause nasty skin irritation and health problems on the walls and ceiling of your bathroom. To clean the entire room in 30 minutes or less, using minimal effort, spray the walls, counter-tops, tiles and ceilings with an all-purpose cleaner. Let the hot water run, full-blast, for 5 minutes or so. Now, leave the bathroom and shut the door behind you. After a 20-minute period, wipe down everything with a microfiber cloth.


Do you want to hire a professional cleaner? In times like this, it simply pays to ask yourself: do you want to save your time or your money? While maids and cleaning professionals do charge reasonable prices, they free up hours of your time and save you tremendous amounts of energy.

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