7 Sustainable Means of Earning Decent Incomes from Home for Working Mothers


Mothers don’t have it easy for them. And hats to off to all ladies out there who take care of their jobs, along with their kids. With so many financial stresses plaguing most families, across countries and societal segments, we have a situation where working mothers are even looking for decent ways of earning additional money by working form homes. This can result from the need arising because of having another child, the availability of free time because of extended maternity leave, or any similar reason. In this guide, we’re going to tell you about 7 great methods of earning pretty decent income by working from home, for working mothers.


  1. Fill Out Surveys and Get Paid


Sounds odd? Believe it. Marketing intermediaries are always devising means to collect consumer information, and in their quest, take the services of agencies that float marketing surveys to real consumers, and get their responses. These agencies are happy to pay decent amounts to those who fill the surveys. All you need is to register with a couple (or ore, based on the time you have) of websites that offer earning opportunities from completing surveys. You can easily fill a survey every day (spending close to an hour). Doing this diligently, you can make a few hundreds of dollars every month.


  1. Freelance Copywriting

Feel strongly about something? Have experience in writing for magazines? Got your grammar and vocabulary in good shape? It’s time to transform your skill for writing into an additional income stream. Check out the top freelance job portals, and look for projects in writing. Depending on the quality, niche, and experience, you can make anything between $10-30 per hour of work! Whereas basic SEO focused content creation will get you close to $10 an hour, you can get triple (or more) that amount if you’ve got expertise in niches like parenting, technology, sports, financial management, etc.


  1. Offer Virtual Assistance

Got decent working knowledge of computers and Internet? There’s every reason for you to take up freelance virtual assistance, wherein you take up a variety of simple enough computer and web related tasks on behalf of busy entrepreneurs. VA service can fetch you close to $10-15 per hour for basic work, and can extend to $30-40 per hour of you have specific tech skill such as advanced excel, web designing, SEO, etc.


  1. Sell your functional yet discarded stuff

Sounds simple enough? Well, ask yourself, how many of your friends do so? The answer – close to none. That’s the point; everyone has stuff that he/she no longer needs (perfectly usable stuff). Do a favor to yourself, clean the stuff, mend it if needed, click some great pictures, shoot a 10-second video (ideally, of the product in action), and create a listing to sell it on eBay. Once you get comfortable and adept at managing online sales, you could extend your service to your colleagues and friends, keeping a 10% service fee on every sale.


  1. Resell web hosting

Did you know – there are hundreds of startups that make decent money by selling web hosting services to customers? If you have experience and understanding of concepts of web hosting, can quickly and affordably get yourself a good website, and have the ideas to market your service, you might want to try out selling web hosting. Get a dedicated server or shared hosting plan on a lease, present the same on your website, market aggressively, and you can re-sell the hosting space at more value than what you paid for it. A piece of advice – look to target a niche market to be able to withstand the competition from web hosting giants whose price point is difficult to compete with.


  1. Translation


Your fluency and knowledge of more than one language can fetch you a decent income. Companies and content marketers across the globe are looking for translators who can work from home and offer a good quality translation of content, sources from audio files, telephonic conversations, websites, and documents.


  1. Educate!


With so many free to use platforms that enable you to deliver online courses, it makes a lot of sense to use your knowledge on important subjects to earn well. All you need is some time to review study material, organize lecture content, a laptop with a web camera and Internet connectivity (to deliver live lectures), and the audience for your lecture. Look to cover lesser known yet in-demand subjects to gather eyeballs and get subscriptions for your online courses.


Working mothers can find more times to spend with their kids by taking up one or more of these work-from-home income opportunities. With experience and expertise, the potential of earning also improves, driving more satisfaction and fulfillment for them.

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