Starting a Business and Being a Stay at Home Mommy — It’s Doable!


Being an entrepreneur isn’t just for the young high-flyers who don’t have any commitments, neither is it just for those who have had their families, seen them grow up and are now looking for a new challenge in life — it can be for those of you with young families too! What puts those of you who fall into this category in with a distinct advantage is that you are forced to stay at home, or spend a lot of time at home, in order to look after your children, meaning that you have no excuse not to sit down at your table every day and make your business venture a success. It’s up to you to make the most of all the time at home you’re given, and here are some tips to help you get the most out of that time.

But if you are yet to think of that groundbreaking idea that will catapult you to helm of the business world, then there is no need to worry: click here for 20 business ideas for stay-at-home parents. Once you’ve formulated your idea and are convinced that it is something that you think you can make money from and enjoy, you can jump straight in with the assistance of the Millionaire Mommy Blueprint. However, it is easy to jump into a business with only an eye for all the profits you can make, without thinking or even knowing about everything that needs to be done. With the power of running your own business, comes great responsibility in regards to keeping it legal. Make sure to seek the help of a business formation attorney before you make any mistakes, like nicking another business’s name!

And as you begin to work and see results, just remember not to dedicate every hour of the day to your new business — your children need attention too! You can be the perfect mompreneur by creating boundaries and sticking to them. This could mean shutting the laptop down at certain points in the day and spending time with your kids and structuring your business hours carefully.

As your business grows, and your financial income does too, it’s time to start thinking about branching out. But, this doesn’t mean you have to branch out from your home — you can create an office environment in it. To undertake this task, you should seek the services of office furniture systems, such as those offered by Arnold’s Office Furniture, in order to make sure your office is not only practical, but looks professional. Great office furniture increases productivity, and having a more professional environment surrounding you as you work is only going to increase your productivity and inspire you to take the business even further.

Finally, despite the structures you give yourself and the professional environment you create, don’t forget that you are in control of your time. This means, that if you fancy going for a walk to clear your head, you can do without anybody moaning. This also means you can drink copious amounts of tea without having anybody judge you — just remember to stock up on all the essentials: tea bags, milk and sugar!



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