6 Tips For Displaying Your Kids’ Drawings Like a Work of Fine Art


Our children are our pride and joy, filling our lives with so much fun and creativity. One of the best ways to display our children’s work is to not only stick it to a fridge but to hang it on the walls of the world to see. So, for those of you that are looking for a fun, thoughtful way to show enthusiasm toward your children’s creativity, here are our 6 tips for incorporating your kids’ art into your decor!


Your kids’ artwork comes in all shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult to hang the work on the wall. However, nowadays you can get all sorts of frames to fit your needs, whether it’s a poster frame or a swept frame. You can always look online for sizing charts to find the perfect frame to display your child’s work.


Children are colorful, so why not incorporate it into your display? Frames come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can keep it simple, or you choose to play up the color scheme of your child’s work with a complementary framing color scheme. Choosing a frame with a complementary color scheme, rather than the same color, creates more personality and draws the eyes to the pictures and makes them stand out.


Ditch putting the kids work on the fridge and try something new. Your child’s art can become a big statement piece of any room and can add a bit of fun and colour to the atmosphere. Your placement can also make your child feel proud of their work. Placing it in a well lit, open area can really lift a room and add a more homely feel, whilst still showing your children how much you appreciate their creativity.

6 Tips For Displaying Your Kids' Drawings Like a Work of Fine Art

(source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/arts-and-crafts-child-close-up-color-159579/)

Let your child help  

Kids love to help, so why not let your kids help display their work by letting them choose the frames or the colors? It’s becoming less of a task to-do and more of a bonding moment between you and your kid. It also allows your kids to feel really good about their work as they take creative charge.

Get creative

With so many ways to display art, you can really get creative. One way could be to use easy-to-remove Washi tape to create trompe l’œil frames. Experiment with unique forms, fun shapes, and color(the tape is available in a rainbow of options). Trying something new can really help you explore your own (and your child’s) creative thoughts.

Have fun

At the end of the day, our kids draw to have fun so displaying their work should be fun. With all the choices of colours, styles and designs, you can have a lot of fun and let your inner child come to light. Try asking your child how they want it to be displayed or look up inspiration for new fun ways to display work.

We are so proud of our kids and love to show off what they can do, so take some time and really get creative when displaying their artwork. It really can be a fun bonding experience

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