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Have you been to Smart Games website lately?  They have wonderful games, ready to go, for kids of all ages.  If you need the perfect gift this year, go with a game, or two from Smart Games.

smartgamesLet’s look at Brain Cheeser.  The pieces are magnetic, so it’s perfect for travel.  Best for ages 6-106.  Read more about the game at the highlighted link.  My husband can sit and play Brain Cheeser for hours.  Brain cheeser is this magnetic game that you put the mice in the holes, and try to fill the holes.   You can leave half holes empty, but the rest need to have a mouse in them.  It’s really neat.smartgames1

Now Quadrillion, this game is so much fun.  My 17 year old daughter, and her boyfriend play it everytime he’s here.  They say it’s super fun, and passes time.  They love playing Smart Games.  They’ve even played Brain Cheeser once or twice, when my husband put it down.  With Quadrillion, you make the game.  So Sarah will make it and let Josh play, then Josh will make it, and let Sarah play.  They have hours of fun.

There are so many games at Smart Games.  You really need to go take a look.

Guaranteed will be your new favorite gift to give this season.

“SmartGames are fun, brain-building logic games for one player.”


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