6 Signs Your Child Might Need Paediatric Physiotherapy


Every parent worries about whether their child is growing properly and hitting all the right developmental milestones of their age. Parental worry is valid but often misplaced, but sometimes it can make the difference in the child’s health when an observant parent worries about the child’s behaviour. Parents should not the onset of signs like this for a more precise medical history. Several signs could show that your child might need physiotherapy, but none of these are a definitive diagnosis so make sure you get the expert opinion of your child’s paediatrician before any sweeping decisions about their health.

Guys and St. Thomas’ Private Healthcare in London offers physiotherapy assessment for children between 0-16, lending their world-class experience and personnel to diagnose and treat childhood developmental disorders. They recommend making an appointment if you’ve noticed any of these signs in your child:

Abnormal posture

If you notice an unusual walk or posture with your child, it might not be a cause for alarm. But when this persists, then it might need the attention of a specialist. Paediatric physiotherapy will help your child to correct heir posture, and with other medical professionals, the underlying cause can be isolated and treated or managed.

Persistent pain

A child that complains of persistent pain in the arms or legs or back should not be so easily dismissed. Have them looked at by a professional, because they might need physiotherapy to help pinpoint the origin of their pain, whether it is neurological or idiopathic, so they can manage it and live fulfilling, pain-free lives.

Recent injury or surgery

After an injury or surgery, your child might need a physiotherapist to help them improve their range of motion. Children’s bones are still growing and setting, and without proper mobility training, the affected limb might cause more problems in the future.

Difficulty in reaching developmental milestones

There are set times for children to hold their necks up, sit, stand and walk. Children who don’t meet those timelines might need the attention of a physiotherapist to help them along and to treat any problems that might be holding them back developmentally.

They’re falling over/unable to sit up

There are two ways to look at this: if your child was previously sitting up or standing but starts to lean over or fall, then there might be a problem. It could also be cause for concern if a child just starting to sit or stand always leans or flops over when they attempt to move. There might be some serious underlying issues, and that child needs prompt medical attention.

They have a previously diagnosed neurological condition

If your child has been previously diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum or has any other neurological conditions, then they will need a paediatric physiotherapist to help with muscular tone, gait issues and help them have the best quality of life.

Parents must stay calm when they notice these signs. They could be serious, or they could just be a phase in the child’s life. Either way, the paediatric medical team at Guys and St. Thomas’ can be trusted to set parents’ minds at ease; diagnosing the problem and providing the best line of action for the child’s welfare while considering family background.

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