5 Tips For Organising A Successful Corporate Event


Corporate events are great opportunities for career advancement, learning, networking and problem-solving. Companies value these meetings because they know the impact of allowing expression, connection and conversation away from the rigidity of the office. These events allow for creativity and freer expression because it’s a more relaxed environment, a melding of different minds.

When planning a corporate event, there are key elements that ensure success and effectiveness, and these tips are a great starting point for a successful meeting:

Consider locations with vendor packages

For example, when you search for meeting rooms in Northampton, you’ll not just find the most exclusive, well-equipped locations, but you’ll also have the options of professional meeting planners and access to concierge service that takes the pressure of handling the minute details away from you. The vendors that work with these verified venues are usually much more experienced with the unique needs of that venue, and it’s smart to use their expertise instead of hiring inexperienced vendors from elsewhere.

Ground Transportation
Arrange for flawless, safe, and reliable transportation. An experienced limo service company can ensure that your corporate event runs smoothly, that everyone is taken care of and driven to their destination, be it a C-level executive that needs a private sedan or regular attendees that require shuttle service from the airport/hotel to the venue. Most corporate transportation providers carry serious insurance coverage so that you can rest assured that everything is covered.

Work with a SMART plan

Setting SMART objectives don’t just apply with office projects, they also work with event planning. Your objectives for the event should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART). This means making a comprehensive plan that is realistic and fits with your budget (it’s impossible to effectively plan an event without a budget) and time constraints, while keeping an eye on the type of event you’re planning and what the meeting is supposed to accomplish.

Have great refreshments planned

Meetings and retreats and corporate parties start going sideways very fast when the food is not tasty, or plentiful for the guests, or when one person gets food poisoning. When planning these events, stringently screen your vendor candidates and look at previous experience cooking for large groups of people. You should also have a diverse menu to cater for people with unique food needs (like vegans and people with allergies). The best formula is to have lots of varied finger foods for nibbling, and a full spread for after the meeting. It’s also important to have a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for guests to relax with in their downtime.

Use technology

The role of tech in making your corporate event a success cannot be overstated. Don’t just limit yourself to AV equipment for sound and lighting, look into impressive tech like 3D videos for video conferencing and fingerprint tags for attendees to really leave an impression.

Add a fun element

The days of boring, sleepy meetings are over! Inject some excitement into your corporate function and make it memorable with fun breaks for relaxation and networking, videos that are informative, yet interesting, and adding entertainment in the form of music, comedy and games. You can keep it meeting-appropriate without having people nodding off.

There are lots of resources on Venuefinder for organisers who want to cut out the middle man in finding the perfect meeting venue, and you should take advantage of all the added services. With these tips, you’re on your way to organising an unforgettable meeting – and who knows, it might become a regular affair!

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Juanita T. Smith
Juanita T. Smith
4 years ago

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3 years ago

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