5 Ways to Transform Your Ample Garden


Having a large garden is the dream for lots of people, but the reality can be very different. Yes, you have a lot of space to do with as you please, but you also have a lot of confusing choices to make when it comes to design, as well as the daunting prospect of maintaining what you create. The key is to design a garden which is as low maintenance as possible so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time working in it. If you are looking for ways to upgrade a large garden without burdening yourself with a lot of upkeep and maintenance, here are five ways to transform your ample garden this year. 


  • Introduce more hard landscaping 


Adding a big area of paving in your garden will give you somewhere to relax and entertain guests and will require very little maintenance. It’s best to choose a material which won’t be slippery in the winter. Decking is another option, but it requires regular maintenance. If you choose to include multiple levels, you can add depth to the garden and use each level for different purposes. 


  • Create a large pond or lake


With so much space, you have the advantage of being able to create a large and striking water feature such as a pond or a lake. This gives you a fantastic focal point in the garden which will attract wildlife and, if you choose to, can be a home to stunning fish. For inspirational ideas and advice on creating a large water feature in your garden, contact Water Garden.


  • Minimise your use of plant containers 


Plants in containers need regular watering, which can quickly become a chore. By planting in the soil, you will be able to reduce how much watering you need to do. However, if you do want containers, choose plants that require very little water such as succulents and pelargoniums. A useful tip for plant containers is to cut off the bottom half of a plastic water bottle, press the top into the soil and fill it with water. The water will gradually drain into the container, refill with rainwater and you can simply top up the water as needed rather than lifting a watering can around. 


  • Embrace the wilderness


Mowing a large lawn can be a big burden, and in summer, it may feel as if you never stop. To reduce your mowing, consider letting some areas of the garden grow. By designating certain areas as wilderness, you are not only taking a weight off your gardening shoulders but are also creating a haven for wildlife, such as hedgehogs, bees and butterflies and a stunning area of natural beauty. If you then cut a path through the wilderness, you can create a fairy tale trail with lots of quirky nooks and hiding spaces. 


  • Keep planting simple 


The final step in maintaining a large garden without hours of hard labour is to consider all your planting decisions carefully. By planting shrubs and plants which will take care of themselves, for the most part, you can establish a strong and healthy garden without a big demand on your time. 

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4 years ago

You are right, the more you plant, and keep an eye on your garden the bigger and better it will become. I must say that this is not a cheap pleasure that takes time. For example, I recently bought fertilizers and some tools for my small site in the store https://www.gardenology.eu/ and spent a lot of money on all this